Vlad Gerasimov  ·  12 July 2005
I found a photo of consensed waterdrops at plasmadesign, and thought - hm! I can do  it better in photoshop :-)

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eleanor  ·  long ago
no tedy! ještě lepší než ten šnek....kde mam ty zatracený tempery...á tady sou ...sbohem mí angličtí přátelé...du malovati ó pějme ódy na rodosti...:)

Rommel  ·  long ago
Whatsup niggas!!!!!!!! This one site is....just......Okey-so damn cool dudes!!!!!!!!

Anon  ·  long ago
What a nice wallpaper :-)

josh  ·  long ago
it's not good (N)

T@$1  ·  long ago
very nice

bevpat  ·  long ago
They should be animated

leslie Chia  ·  long ago

colin  ·  long ago
we are trying to get an image of about 600dpi to increse in size to cover a wall in our house does any body have any ideas? thanks

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  long ago
colin - i can help you if you email me directly.

Magaly  ·  long ago
No comments!

rob  ·  long ago

Elusive  ·  long ago
Superb! delicate and yet complicae.Worth calling it a "masterpiece" amongst the others that are just perfect. ;-)

tushar  ·  long ago
simply amazing!!!!

Kruppt  ·  long ago
Like It!

wuhey  ·  long ago

tina kapoor  ·  long ago
busuling...........! koooooool 2

Rocketlamb  ·  long ago
A longtime favorite. This is just beautiful.

Caline  ·  long ago
I just came back from the beach... and having this on my desk is very relaxing... I love water, to drink it and to get in there... THANKS :-)

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  long ago
I wrote detailed tutorial explaining how this wallpaper was created. Check it out at

Diane  ·  long ago
no drop is the same :-P

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