Dragonology 2

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  4 June 2007
My passion about dragons continues!

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Aleksey  ·  long ago
Great wallpaper, great new design of the site, Vlad. But where is the Russian in language select??? It's not right.

estyle  ·  long ago
So cool!!! I like it!

a request  ·  long ago
Great!! Please make a dragon wallpaper in blue as well. I love the way you use blue in your designs :)

billtt  ·  long ago
so cool!!! love it!

Sergio  ·  long ago
Wow, your new website its f**cking rocking it!!!! ok but talking about the wallpaper it is superb!!! i love it, not so much as the previos one but this one is awesome, i love how you mixed the tones....UROCK!!! vlad!!!

Krysthopher  ·  long ago
Vlad Vlad Vlad... YoU'Re Awwwwwwesome!!!!

Cynthia  ·  long ago
This new w/paper is fantastic! Very impresive! You'd design Harry Potter's props! Thanks once again for sharing with us!

abhishek  ·  long ago

Coccinella  ·  long ago

Rana  ·  long ago

Jan Blazicek  ·  long ago
Wheew, whats that. New design, new great wallpaper. You rock Vlad, keep it that way. By the way, you code the web yourself?...I must admit, not bad work, altough its HTML 4.01 trans.

ribbot  ·  long ago
This is pretty cool its the best dragonology yet.

Samantha  ·  long ago

Ethan  ·  long ago
I love the design its fantastic

undead faery  ·  long ago
That's a great dragon! I like the glow. It looks graceful, and still keeps the right feel for a dragon. Soft, luminous light, bit the spikes and talons there can warn. Yey! It's so wonderful :)

Rocky  ·  long ago
This is definitely one of the best wallpaper i have seen in this site. Love your work.

plug it in   ·  long ago
i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chuckfraser  ·  long ago
its nice to see talent.its easy on the eyes.

GRANT EDWARDS  ·  long ago
Vlad you rock! I am so using this as my desktop!

CatherinaBallerina  ·  long ago
HEY, much better, muchas gracias senior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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