Dragonology 3

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  10 June 2007
My passion about dragons continues!

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Adelheid In Wonderland  ·  long ago
Lovely, Like Nothing Else!

dhilon  ·  long ago
the dragon is vert nice!

Ethan  ·  long ago
your new dragon is great! but my favorite one was Dragonology 2. keep it up

Eugenia  ·  long ago
I was thinking a wallpaper called "the two and the dragon would be really great! I love dragons too, but my favorite wallpapers are the ones with the two! Thank you for your work, it always makes me smile.

Oska  ·  long ago
Cool image

azita  ·  long ago
in yeki kheyli tokhmi bod!omidvaram tekrar nash.

Jahrel  ·  long ago
Thanks, Vlad. Incredible!

sheena  ·  long ago
bloody b'utiful ! as always

ankit  ·  long ago

Torsten Leske  ·  long ago
Wow - Super Wallpaper !!!

ribbot  ·  long ago
I have book called dragonology

poone  ·  long ago
i hate it ;(

Dibakar Jana  ·  long ago

amanuel  ·  long ago
fantastic this going to be amazing

Phillip   ·  long ago
This one is awsome to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IDn  ·  long ago
a nice big one!

C  ·  long ago
into dragons, are we???? ;)

lola  ·  long ago
I hate it needs girl ones

nemo  ·  long ago
I was forced to manually search for Dragonology 3 since the keyword "dragon" is misspelled as "gradon". It's well worth the effort -- just wanted to let you know about the keyword. Impressive artwork, Vlad.

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  long ago
To all - thanks for your comments! To UWO: you see, realism is not my strong point :-) I wanted to make my dragon a bit symbolic, not too real. I also wanted it to be 'positive', not scary. Something a bit more than simple silhouette, but not real image still. I found shape of dragon very difficult to work with, and I'll need more practice to improve my skills here. Thanks!

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