Vlad Gerasimov  ·  1 April 2006
This artwork could have another title - lazy fellow :-)

rahil  ·  long ago
it is wonderfull.really really wonderfull.

tedds  ·  long ago
enlightening artwork...!!

Elusive  ·  long ago
Beauty and simplicity.What more can be said?? (Y)

Gonzalo  ·  long ago
Such a great designs... You are indeed and artist Vladimir.. Cheer. Gonzalo , from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Dez, Cape Town, South Africa  ·  long ago
You combine art and feeling so beautifully. Thank you :-)

mass  ·  long ago

Petr  ·  long ago
Love this (L)

Fito  ·  long ago
WOOOW, my new desktop picture!! =)

MaGaLy  ·  long ago
Y sE HiZo La LuZ ...! (Y)

kerim x-files  ·  long ago
wowww!!!its fantastic...i like it..thnks

Discospawn  ·  long ago
Hi, I found you on another website with various desktops, and both the ones I liked were by you. Awesome graphics!

香腸  ·  long ago

Heidi  ·  long ago
You are really really funny you sure make me laugh when i see you work, it's great...

GZ  ·  long ago
Oh... It's about me=))))))))))))))

mavi  ·  long ago
no mass yuo are! i love this one 1 so cool!!!!!

Seriavi  ·  long ago
I can relate to this on a strange level... I Love it!

mariella  ·  long ago
Creo que así deberíamos ser todos... aunque seamos un bombillo seguir soñando con ser el sol... Me encanta!!!

a.absintium  ·  long ago
it's veryy sweety=))

CESAR:  ·  long ago

jayanta ray  ·  long ago
great concept

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