Dreamer 2 (Night)

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  4 April 2006
IMPORTANT! Please also see previous wallpaper, Dreamer, as they are closely connected to each other.

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so-jeong lee  ·  long ago

gianny..  ·  long ago
soo cool.. mactanque.com

speedy  ·  long ago
ur a geniussssssssss

athena  ·  long ago
Increíbles, super!

zlato  ·  long ago
kakva ideja.... svaka chast!

mavi  ·  long ago
that remains me i need to buy light bulbs! but by the way that's a cool one! man!

Vanja  ·  long ago
oh my!!!! It is me

huggybear  ·  long ago
this is way cool

MaGaLy  ·  long ago
Me GuStA MaS EsTe ...!!! pReFiErO WaLLpApErS ObScUrOs (N)

steffer  ·  long ago
This is how I feel when solving engineering problems in my sleep... I'm such a genius... until I wake up. :-p

1600 Right is broken  ·  long ago
This image 1600-Right seems to have a bad problem. There is a strange color band across it. If you would, please upload again and let us know it's fixed--this is perhaps my favorite wallpaper, and I'm getting a second monitor soon. Thanks.

James  ·  long ago

archScandium  ·  long ago
how DO you get that texture! ...It's breathtaking.

archScandium  ·  long ago
how DO you get that texture! ...It's breathtaking.

Elusive  ·  long ago
Yea,inspiration hits me too about that hour.Amazing how you get to the core!!!!!

kacenka  ·  long ago
sooooo cooool! I ALWAYS think you can´t make any better wallpaper and you ALWAYS can!!!! (Y)

essie  ·  long ago

Lyn  ·  long ago

Narada  ·  long ago
Vlad. I found the two Dreamer creations quite apt and hilarious as I have someone in mind who would fit that connotation perfectly. Great humour.

Mohammad  ·  long ago
Cool (Y)

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