Drops (Blue)

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  19 November 2011
Back to good old abstractions. For some reason, I made each drop in separate Photoshop layer, which resulted in 738 layers. Please check wallpaper gallery for more colors. Thanks!

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Martin Stružský  ·  19 November 2011
Good job, Vlad! :-) I especially like this blue version, but all of them are pretty. It's unbelievable, that each version has a different drops configuration… 8-)

Evan Morse  ·  20 November 2011
This is an excellent little series, Vlad. I love that each one of the configurations is somewhat reminiscent of the elements that they represent... The blue pattern is refreshing to look at, the red one is kind of exciting, the green one is full of life and the purple one is mysteriously sparse. I'm probably over-thinking this, but great work none the less! :)

Jynrya  ·  21 November 2011
The blue accents the black very nicely. These are all well done. Each droplet... Such dedication. :)

nebbie  ·  21 January 2012

nazim  ·  22 February 2014

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Sarita   ·  6 July 2017

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