Vlad Gerasimov  ·  18 April 2004
the thing in his hands is 1) rod, 2) pipe and 3) spyglass. enjoy :)

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lina nakoy   ·  long ago
my dream was to catch the moon!

to ribbot:  ·  long ago
hes catching the reflection of the moon

amazed  ·  long ago
what a creative idea! I never even though of that before....... your amazing!!!! definately my favorite :)

Ariadna  ·  long ago
... quedate en silencio dos minutos.... y encuentra el color de tu corazon. Las palabras a veces sobran....

poone  ·  long ago

poone  ·  long ago
nice, thx dear VLAD ;-*

ribbot  ·  long ago
why is the moon on the end of the line?

sweepy  ·  long ago

Abhishek  ·  long ago
Are we really that fool? ;-)

jda  ·  long ago
ı love so much this one! (L) my pc is flaying ı think with these wallpapers :D

clara  ·  long ago
your work is so impressing!! ;-)

violet perfume  ·  long ago
ur work is so tuoching, i love it :-)

K  ·  long ago
Vlad, are you a poet or an artist?

asuana  ·  long ago
êàê áóäòî ýòî íå êàðòèíêà, à ôîòîãðàôèÿ äðóãîãî ìèðà.

Farhaj  ·  long ago
Nice Workdude

Kolus  ·  long ago
My favourite:-D

me  ·  long ago
this is my favorite! I love it...:)

  ·  long ago
Thank you for bringing that memory back.

lover   ·  long ago
[color=red] hao[/color]

Romantic!!   ·  long ago

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