In the Office

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  18 June 2007

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maria =)  ·  long ago
amazing ! i love it =D i really adore the tie it could be a scarf for many people ! all at once ! =P and the shirt this is beautiful

Sebastian  ·  long ago
Nice one! But i get a bit depressed while looking at it. Hehe. Something that i havent seen is a self-portrait. Can you make it hapend? Would be cool if you did it a bit abstract as well. But you should see the resemblance :)

Jahrel  ·  long ago
Hi, everybody! Vlad, U R the 1! Really!

kenzo  ·  long ago
I love it!

Lucas  ·  long ago
I love your aliens or what is it...:-).

Nick  ·  long ago
how could the giraffe fit into a suit?

Danielle  ·  long ago
Wow - I am overwhelmed with the amount of talent on here

Belén  ·  long ago
great work as usual

js  ·  long ago
Sweet wallpaper, just perfect! thanks for a nice web page.

Cynthia  ·  long ago
Oh please! Vlad, this is just gorgeous! What a beautiful w/paper! I just love it! Awesome! Thanks heaps

Barbara alias Little Giraffe  ·  long ago
Hahahaha!! This is amazing!! Almost like me!! My friends call me "Little Giraffe" and... I work in the office (I'm accountant). I don't wear tie because I'm a woman but it looks just like me!! Hahahaha!! Unbelievable!! Could you make some kind of female version of this pic, please? :) Thank you for sharing your work!! Love ya!

Kia  ·  long ago

poone  ·  long ago
VLAD, have agreat & creative mind....... it's cherming, thx

janca  ·  long ago
hehe nice idea ;)

rebecca  ·  long ago
i like his tie!!

Morgan Vittatoe age 11  ·  long ago
I love the giraffe in the Tie, so funny

Naz  ·  long ago
too awesome!!

canan  ·  long ago

UWO  ·  long ago
scary feet, but cute... u aLways success in making me smiLe

Sergio Sotomayor  ·  long ago
Wow it's awesome it remembers to my dad, because he is so tall and he works all day long :D well it's awesome!!! :D

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