Autumn leaves

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  22 March 2007
Quite unexpectedly for myself, I came up with such autumn wallpaper in the spring! Curious how this wallpaper was made? I published a short tutorial about making of Autumn leaves wallpaper, please check it out at

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Moo  ·  long ago
It's good though!

naughty guy..  ·  long ago
hiiiii its really awesome...& amazing..

Anastasiya  ·  long ago
It's amazing, thank you very much!!!

Jahrel  ·  long ago
Well... A word? Fantastic! Thanks Vlad.

Luke  ·  long ago
from one artist to another, thank you

XANDER  ·  long ago
Eah, it's very nice! Good work, Vlad! I'm from Russia and these leaves look like a our autumns. No really I like it!!! ;-)

Coccinella  ·  long ago
Great! I like it very much :-)

kris  ·  long ago
here here for all the antipodeans!!! (oh, and the rest of the southern hemisphere too)

gabriela  ·  long ago
For me is perfect, im from argentina and we are in autumn. Keep the good work, vlad!!! (Y)

Mohammed Korashy  ·  long ago
But it is very good for the spring. it is the opposite of the meaning that makes you realizes the meaning;-)

McGaunity  ·  long ago
Apparently Justin has never heard of hemispheres. Beautiful work!

Ashwin  ·  long ago
Very nice :-)

emma  ·  long ago
like it! love the little water droplets too

MattyDienhoff  ·  long ago
Perfect timing for us Australians. Thanks Vlad! :-)

Griever  ·  long ago
Awsome...totally awsome!

flat  ·  long ago
ïëîñêî êàê-òî.. âûðåçàíî èç êàðòîíà? :-(

Laurie  ·  long ago
Love it! Would love to see something similar with spring flowers.

lenjin  ·  long ago

Cynthia  ·  long ago
Jeeeez! We're in Autumn here in Down Under and it's really perfect for us. Missing your tutorials!! Could you tell us how you did this particular one? The leaves are soooo real and look very cute! THanks heaps.

estherka  ·  long ago
Could You please make something not so sad? Springtime is comming! ;-)

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