Vlad Gerasimov  ·  6 April 2009
Weird combination of computer smiles and russian nesting dolls!

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Umm Khaled  ·  6 April 2009
Now that is cute........i wish I could apprentice under you man :)

kv12  ·  7 April 2009
Really nice one, but why are two of them so unhappy?

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  7 April 2009
kv12: they are simply the collection of smiles, like computer ones, you know: :-( :-| :-)

Callum Macdonald  ·  7 April 2009 glad i becama a subscriber

Michelle  ·  7 April 2009
OMG!!! I love babooshka dolls :))

Darkcat  ·  7 April 2009
very nice, wish u can make all smiling version dolls ;)

Tusnelda  ·  7 April 2009
Nice one, Vlad!

Katherine Appleby  ·  7 April 2009
I love these dolls! But does it mean that the smaller you are the more unhappy you become? :) I'd love to see more babooshka character dolls! :D

Suzana  ·  7 April 2009
So adorable!!! Using computer smilies on them was a brilliant idea Vlad!

Leti  ·  8 April 2009
Really nice! Vlad, is it possible to see all the dolls happy?

Emily  ·  8 April 2009
Awesome idea Vlad! I love Russian nesting dolls! Keep up the good work!

Pete  ·  9 April 2009
I like it, but shouldn't the middle one have a straight face :-| ?

demetrio ymedio  ·  9 April 2009
esta muy bonito especial xq parecen huevos de pascua.

Scott Toth  ·  22 April 2009
Why are the smallest 2 unhappy? Other than that, looks great, haha.

Barbara Kurzawska  ·  28 April 2009
Aww... I remember those dolls. I had them when I was a kid (my grandpa comes from Lithuania). I like how you created that pattern: it looks like real wood! :D Thank you for this wallpaper

LG  ·  17 May 2009
The taller you are, the happier? I´m not so sure... Love this one, though...

nima goozoo  ·  22 October 2009
goooooooooooooooozzzz for you haha

Kelly  ·  1 February 2011
I have been looking for a matryoshka desktop wallpaper for some time... spasibo bol'shoye! (sorry, bad translit) I love your map works, all your works with bright colors, and the bridges! I'd love to see the Mackinaw Bridge in Michigan!

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