Vlad Gerasimov  ·  15 January 2007
Wash your hands before you eat! :-)

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Ienzo  ·  long ago
Nice Work :-D

oli cross  ·  long ago
u geek its a shit picture

bob  ·  long ago
jonah joe and i are relry sorry We think it is a very good pic and will wash are hands all the time from now on.

bob  ·  long ago
i agree with jonah and joe it is shit

joe  ·  long ago
i agree with jonha

jonah  ·  long ago
its shit and bloddy crap

Arthur  ·  long ago
Very nice...they like so happy..too a desease..huahauaua.. thanks!

Emily  ·  long ago
Wow....They're so cooooool!!!:-)(L)

XV  ·  long ago
'clean your hands before eat' i agree with the tagline Microbes :-D

N.I.K  ·  long ago
i have to know where do you get your ideas from ?????? perfect :-)

Câline  ·  long ago
Love microbes from now and ever!

clouze ixam  ·  long ago
it's so cuteee... hehehee!!! Love the artwork... It looks like dirty microbes... prefer; cleaner & playful!!!

mitra  ·  long ago

douglas  ·  long ago
On your skin Emma... not on mine. Vlad cool innovative work. We Are All One.

Cynthia  ·  long ago
Just love it! Thanks again for sharing your wonderful work. (Y) (Y)

kacenka  ·  long ago
Vlad, you made them look so kind and harmless - no washing hands from now on ;-)

emma  ·  long ago
I agree with kacenka - they look really sweet! but its an odd thought that they are on our skin..... (Y)

MaGaLy  ·  long ago
VeRy NiCe (Y)

Riverspirit  ·  long ago
omg this is so cool. i loved it soon as it loaded on my browser! ty for sharing your work. ;-)

ARASH  ·  long ago

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