Micro Animals - Elephant

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  18 October 2007
Micro Animals - handle with care :-) These are not photos, as you can guess! Made entirely in Adobe Photoshop. The drawing technique is very similar to  my previous wallpaper, see Tutorials page!

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A  ·  long ago
=')) soooo cute ...

birol  ·  long ago
perfect !! your idea, theory, practice, background, style of elephantchik, everythings perfect, thanks !!

kenzo  ·  long ago
i love it, thanks!

ribbot  ·  long ago
can u make a panda...please

Câline  ·  long ago
Beautiful elephant!! What about a supercute turtle?

pete  ·  long ago
one of your best - a masterpiece !

carly  ·  long ago
i love these new mini animal wallpapers....so cute!!

where  ·  long ago
lovely elephant~

Oscar  ·  long ago
Beautiful ephelant jejeejejeje it's a nice work. :)

Mohammed Korashy  ·  long ago
Very nice

Amelie  ·  long ago
Vlad, you're great. I have all your wallpapers in a special folder :P...Just want to tell you, I like your work, its more than great. Keep it like this :*

Mastan  ·  long ago
its beautiful

apple  ·  long ago
so good ! i love your work

LIDAN  ·  long ago
I love it too !!!!!!!!

jack  ·  long ago
it so good .woo!~

Lady  ·  long ago
Bravo !

Velimir Saban  ·  long ago
Well done!

mels  ·  long ago
Awesome ! Is there any chance that one of the next features is a tortoise ? I would definitely love that :)

Steve Lockhart  ·  long ago
Very nice.

asa  ·  long ago
padrisimos muy originales me encantan.... saludos desde monterrey mexico

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