Old stained-glass window

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  26 October 2006
I found this incredible font in Internet - called IronGlass, http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/11744 - and could not help but make wallpaper out of it! Four colors are available, please view [Previous] wallpapers.

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Ashwin  ·  long ago
This is a nice wallpaper. But, please reduce the size of the shadow on the red one. ;-)

  ·  long ago

jess  ·  long ago
I love this sight. I have never been able to find wallpapers like this before! Keep up the good work!

hrhlffusnh  ·  long ago
Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! fxvowhjwzclwh

Donna  ·  long ago
The kids are going to love it!

Henriette  ·  long ago
(L) it !!!

nikitus  ·  long ago
it is just amazing, as everuthing else you've done!!! congratulations and keep on the great work (Y)

Henry Ogbuokiri  ·  long ago
I need this Wallpaper for my myspace Backround

Jibé  ·  long ago
Très jolie réalisation :) Dommage que tout le monde n'aies pas de clavier qwerty :-P

Jonathan  ·  long ago
The letters are from the keyboard.... QWERTYUIOPASD.....

min  ·  long ago
Can you make a tutorial about making this wallpaper? Pretty please. It's so beautiful. I want to learn how to make it.

Matt  ·  long ago
That is a very kool font. and leave it to you to find a way to make a wallpaper out of text :-O great job man!

pdro..............  ·  long ago
muy bueno me gustan los fondos raros, abstractos y otros usd. si que se lucen con estos fondos tan buenos (y) ;-) :-)

Carmen  ·  long ago
Oh, I see, you just typed the letters in their own spatial order beginning from the right top qwerty, etc.

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  long ago
Ashwin - I think you are right! I improved red version and it now looks better, thanks.

Carmen  ·  long ago
What do the letters say? What language is it? (L)

Lamington  ·  27 March 2008

Olja Bongo  ·  17 November 2008
I just go crazy from your pictures

Popobawa  ·  18 April 2012
everything in this website is so perfect

Alvin  ·  21 February 2013
dear vlad~~where are the other colors?

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