Ornamental 2

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  6 January 2007
As always, Photoshop only. I have always been fan of various ornaments, so  I sometimes try to create my own.

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Sebastian  ·  long ago
I really like how the colours fade out in the edges. Nice (Y)

Luna  ·  long ago

aphrodite  ·  long ago
i love it! i'm now using it on my Multiply site and have put a link on it back to your site. my friends will truly love this. just fabulous!

j  ·  long ago
i couldnt make something as amazing as this!

j  ·  long ago

Alan  ·  long ago

Rakesh  ·  long ago
Amazing..Simply Marvellous(Y)

Jennifer  ·  long ago
This wallpaper is quite beautiful & mysterious! Thanks!

Jaideep  ·  long ago

alev  ·  long ago
perfect ;-)

care  ·  long ago
beautiful and gorgeous

AKS  ·  long ago
The pictures are amazing............

louise  ·  long ago
More amazing images.

i-V47x1  ·  long ago

Paratron  ·  long ago
Wow. Just awesome ^^

Câline  ·  long ago
Beautiful! (Y)

Moo  ·  long ago
Beautiful. I especially love the lighting/shading with the burst coming from the sun.

Waidot  ·  long ago
Very nice!

Pink Floydian  ·  long ago

Agnieszka  ·  long ago
Świetne- robi wrażenie

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