Patek Philippe Watch (Flipped)


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Vlad Gerasimov  ·  27 November 2007
I found a photo of beautiful old Patek Philippe Watches, and immediately thought I could draw them using vector tools in Photoshop! So  I did :-) This wallpaper is also available in Wallpaper Clock format (click Wallpaper Clock link) which show actual time!

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Haz  ·  long ago
I like it! A lot! Vlad, it's awesome! Will you post a tutorial, how did you make it? Please! :D

Karthik  ·  long ago
It is something entirely different.I think it will be a good wall paper for my desktop.!!!!!!!!!!!!.

jean  ·  long ago
i love this wallpaper! simple and yet elegant at the same time!

evren  ·  long ago
heyyy i like it, man u are a genius !

Anish  ·  long ago
That's coooool, dude but I can't get to kno the eexxaatt time????

iulian  ·  long ago
this is crazy! i can now see the inside of my pda! :D

Suzana  ·  long ago
I always wanted one of those watches where you could see the inner mechanisms moving; now I have one on a wallpaper!!! Thanks for making a dream come true, (in a way) Vlad!!! We who cannot do such great graphic art salute you!!!

fre4k  ·  long ago
Simply great... *gasp*

Mohammed korashy  ·  long ago

LucasDT  ·  long ago
You can see your logo better on this one ;)

Paulina  ·  28 March 2008
Just great, thanks for the tips.

Jennifer   ·  25 April 2008
I really like that you offer a flipped version of this wallpaper. I have dual monitors and I refuse to put the same wallpaper on both screens despite the fact that one screen is usually obscured with the program I always have running. I often find myself saving a wallpaper and flipping it myself so that the busy side will be on my primary monitor. I would love to see a feature added to the website so that we might flip any wall paper with ease.

Subbu  ·  28 April 2008
Simply superb

WolfGirl  ·  25 May 2008
It's just ok! You can do better than this........

none  ·  11 June 2008

vijay  ·  12 July 2008
it is good

Michal  ·  21 December 2012
Very nice wallpaper! I like it much. And like mechanical watches too :-)

armani horloges heren  ·  12 July 2014
This post is very worthy of appreciation, look forward to more exciting!

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