Vlad Gerasimov  ·  6 January 2007
Now that is not for desktops with lots of icons on them! Dangerous - you can become hypnotized immediately after OS start up :-) Feathers created with my favorite ContextFree software, all the rest - Photoshop. Enjoy!

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Sebastian  ·  long ago
Majestic and hyptnotizing as you said in the comment. Screw it, im using this one anyway, even though i have about 25 icons. Ps. Its allways funny to see how your WP turns out on MY desktop. Its a big difference to see the image, and have the WP as background if you catch my drift.

dollyflower  ·  long ago
This is one of my favorites!!

Nagashree  ·  long ago
I just happen to visit your site and i must say this is wonderful!!! Keep up the good work vlad

haarlom  ·  long ago
the eyes... THE EYES!!

nie.mail  ·  long ago

mouse  ·  long ago
wow this one really hypnos'

karam  ·  long ago
luv da work bro ;-) (L)

sonia  ·  long ago
sup man i just luv ur work its soooooooooooo catchy andi feel like m there watching that bird :-) (L)

tahir  ·  long ago
ur things not good becoz this is not same send to any where plz do better thank

Debbie  ·  long ago
Simply Lovely

SAI!  ·  long ago
you're art is magnificent!!!! ppL lyk you make us--who can't draw worth crap--coming back for more! keep up the good work and good luck to ya!

clouze ixam  ·  long ago
it's beautiful... the feather looks so incredibly WOW!!! gud work...

catherine todd  ·  long ago
Beautiful! As beautiful as the white peacocks I have found on the internet. How do I download this image? :-) smile!

Bin Bin  ·  long ago
(L).......(Y)........ SOOOOO CUTE !

Tril  ·  long ago
This is a beautiful wallpaper, but I think it would work better if the green feathers were more simple and abstract (less textured), to fit with the rest of the image.

Lucia  ·  long ago
hypnotic !!!!!!!! and so nice, thanks

qwerty  ·  long ago
Amazing! My wife's pregnant and her maiden name is Peacock .. so you're two for two so far! Awesome wallpapers!

Nirmalya  ·  long ago
I am from India and the peacock is our National Bird.I must thank you for such a beautiful piece of imagination.Thanks Vlad!

larry  ·  long ago
simply gorgeous (Y)

Marcus  ·  long ago
NO COMMENT !!! JUST GREAT !!! Greatings from Ostend in Belgium :-)

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