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Vlad Gerasimov 24 May 2009
I created this wallpaper to promote my website new feature - Jigsaw puzzles!
Janko Falli 24 May 2009
Cool :)
efand 24 May 2009
long time no comment cool!!
Michal Stružský 24 May 2009
I just love your wallpapers with puzzles. As The Missing Piece, also this one will become one of my favourites. :-)
Q 24 May 2009
It looks kind of like the Mac logo.
Vlad Gerasimov 24 May 2009
Q: you probably mean Finder application icon? It does look similar, but it was not intentional :-)
TJ 24 May 2009
I love the new puzzles!
Don Loe 24 May 2009
I love this one so much. Thank you!
Kevin 25 May 2009
This is one of my all-time favorites.
Jynrya 25 May 2009
Awesome!! I love jigsaw puzzles and this is such a great feature! Plus, I love the wallpaper... Especially the pattern of the right jigsaw piece in the middle. ^_^
Kashif, India 25 May 2009
Vlad I'm a big fan of urs, once again you have done marvelous creation.... I just wanted 2 know about your official fanclub on facebook.com There are 2-3 fanclubs of yours.
Liz 26 May 2009
I love the puzzles, thank you!
ojler 27 May 2009
Aleksandar Vacic 29 May 2009
Playful variant on the Mac icon :) Very nicely done
Gabs 31 May 2009
it's totally AWSOME!!!
pockpack 6 June 2009
Thank you
George Mariot 6 June 2009
Smart and simple ! Thanks
Jan Kaltoun 8 June 2009
For me maybe the best one you've ever created! Love the puzzle Finder!
Jennifer 5 August 2009
It looks like the Finder icon on the Mac. But I guess, like your butterfly, it was subconscious.
goli 6 September 2009
thank you for all pictures.
Cute 21 October 2010
Thanks :)
Bob 14 February 2011
So cute
nhon nguuyen 5 January 2016
dep trai la banh
Alexei Karpov 21 December 2018

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