Rainbow Butterfly

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  5 June 2009
Simple and abstract wallpaper, inspired by nature beauty, as  it often happens to me. As always, Photoshop only! Available in 3 colors.

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Ellen Olenska  ·  5 June 2009
Great work! Thanks!

A1Elements  ·  5 June 2009
Great work man! The butterfly looks like MSN's a bit, :-D

Jynrya  ·  5 June 2009
Gorgeous... The colors are so complimentary...

LucasDT  ·  5 June 2009

Dan Sitzler  ·  5 June 2009
Looks good i think the MSN was the look he was going for no?

Michel Galle  ·  5 June 2009
sorry, but I also thought "msn !" it's still very nice

Katherine Appleby  ·  5 June 2009
I mustn't be as in touch with logos - I just thought it was a beautiful butterfly with fantastic colours - because it is!

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  5 June 2009
Thanks for your comments! Ahh, I did not realize my wallpaper would be so similar to MSN logo - I saw this logo before of course, but I completely forgot about it! It must be subconscious :-)

Giobatta Lanfranco  ·  5 June 2009
Hello Vlad. Very nice but maybe it would be better without all those thin striping... Can you give it a try? Spasibo, grazie :-)

Leti  ·  5 June 2009
Cute!!! I love this one

Kate  ·  5 June 2009
Very pretty! And it's NOT the same as MSN/Microsoft's butterfly, so don't worry about the negative comments by people who don't know any better. Microsoft does NOT own all likenesses of drawn butterflies, people. :-)

Jaideep Nadkarni  ·  5 June 2009
Mesmerizing beauty!

Tusnelda  ·  6 June 2009
These 3 walls are so beautiful, I am speachless!!!!!! Thanks Vlad!

Suzana  ·  6 June 2009
Reminiscent of msn's butterfly, but better, they're all so beautiful I think I'm going to have a hard time deciding which to try on my desktop first!!! It's a dreary rainy day and seeing this made my day a lot brighter, thank you Vlad!

Kaaru  ·  6 June 2009
I quite like this one ! =) Yay, it looks like MSN's logo, but anyway, this one is more pretty, so who cares ?

Theresa  ·  7 June 2009
The butterfly is wonderful!!!

  ·  7 June 2009
beautiful!! looks like msn butterfly.. lOl...

Todd Clontz  ·  10 June 2009
Any thoughts to having "no butterfly" versions?

Tony  ·  28 June 2009
I second Todd's request for a "no butterfly" version!

osama  ·  29 July 2009
beautiful butterfly

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