Vlad Gerasimov  ·  4 May 2006
It does not really need a description.

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Sebastian  ·  long ago
I got totaly struck when i saw the picture. It describes my mood and reflect my feelings for the past few weeks. Something is missing in my life, can allmost touch it, but just dont know quite what it is. Its amazing Vlad how your images can bring up emotions within people. Great work (Y)

Dav  ·  long ago
This Picture is brilliant... You're very innovative! Love your work!

Jess  ·  long ago
Cross off my last comment. I looked at the picture wrong somehow. :D The picture reflects how I often feel.

Jess  ·  long ago
A lot of times my emotions are opposite from the pictures. I reflect or appear to be whole and fine (shadow) when in reality my being is not all at peace. (Body)

ami ami  ·  long ago
it reminds me so much of myself...oh wow....so deep....i love it. oh wow

edo  ·  long ago
When my eyes need a break, I visit your wallpapers. I love a lof of them. This one I have sended today to my literature teacher from highschool, because it remembered me Italo Calvino's Il visconte dimezzato. I can recommend to everybody who loved this wallpaper and loves reading.

vera  ·  long ago
Skvělé :)) úžasné!

marieal  ·  long ago

whoelse  ·  long ago
nice concept

hasan  ·  long ago
fantastic !

wow  ·  long ago
will it appear once comment made,

what a stupid system  ·  long ago
what a stupid system

wow  ·  long ago
will it appear once comment made,

Pam  ·  long ago
Thought provocative

Michel  ·  long ago
I simply love the texture, the warmth, and the whole idea. maybe I would like a version without darker border. whatever : still a nice , pleasant, poetic and clear wallpaper for my glorious 2560x1600 screen.

Nadie  ·  long ago
Qué bonito... :)

jade  ·  long ago
Oh...I don't believe it. This is me as a recent widow it is exactly as I feel. Half of me is missing but the shadow of myself is whole. Thank you Vlad (U)

CESAR:  ·  long ago

Carsten  ·  long ago
Love this one (Y) If I were able to create something like this I would have made it exactly the other way round... My Outsides appear whole but... Whatever, great work! (Y)

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  long ago
To Carsten: this is very easy - open in Photoshop, Edit - Transform - Flip Horizontal :-)

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