Safari Night

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  5 May 2004
For those to whom previous wallpaper seems too hot :-)

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Baphomet  ·  long ago
cooler than the red one

öhhh......  ·  long ago
cooooooooool :)

Dariusz pl.  ·  long ago
niezle obrazki

Cherry  ·  long ago
I'll save that one to winter

Cherry  ·  long ago
Yeah...Much better, esp. during the hot of summer

Som das  ·  long ago
Nice picture

Michael  ·  long ago
Good Work,showing the brave commitment toward elevating the style of colors and concept,again Keep the kneat style

Omid  ·  long ago
Newbie is right (Y)

jOS  ·  long ago
ESTA MUY CHIDO gusto muxo

Lili  ·  long ago

siddh  ·  long ago
I really enjoy the work you do

Bill  ·  long ago
You do extremely nice work! :-) (Y)

Rodrigo Kern  ·  long ago
q merda essas porras ! ;-)

Linda  ·  long ago
I really like the colours, and the combination of beauty end symplicity. I'm a teacher, and this is the kind of art you can use to talk about with children!

Car  ·  long ago
Excellent site...great work... u're the man (y)

Vivek  ·  long ago
Vlad, I have been visiting Softshape Art from the past couple of years, and have downloaded almost all the wallpapers & winamp skins to my home pc. ;-) It was a pleasant surprise to find out today that you now have a personal website of your own. And I am glad that u have managed to impart the elegance of Softshape to your website too. :-P Your wallpapers have always struck me as surreal and aesthetic. I have managed to wow many of my friends by adorning my office & home desktops with your beautiful wallpapers. :-P I hope you will continue to enrich the lives of fans of your wonderful artwork, for a lot more years to come. :-) Cheers and keep up the great work !! (Y)

Jose Daniel  ·  long ago
Now we're talking :) great stuff Vlad! But I think he's gonna need some night vision accesory, or something ;)

pv  ·  long ago
Geniální !!!!!!

Jaideep  ·  long ago
I was sad when I realised that Vlad's site has shifted from to VladStudio without any notification about it. Simultaneously am equally proud and happy for Vlad having established his own personal site which the talented geniius in him deserved for so long. Congratulations, Vlad!!!!! (Y) :-)

Pajas  ·  long ago
Je to fakt skvělý!!!!!!! (Y) ;-)

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