Vlad Gerasimov  ·  5 October 2006
I have seen similar concept several times before in Internet (long ago, so cannot provide links), but I though I'd love to explore this idea too - the life of someone (something) during changing seasons. Tree shape generate in ContextFree, manipulated in Photoshop.

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Amie  ·  long ago
Whenever I need a change, your website is the first place I go. What a lovely wallpaper! It reflects the seasons as well as my moods :) Thanks for lovely work! What season is it where you are? ;-)

Khushal sharma  ·  long ago
IF i have to describe the color of life then i will surely show this wallpaper to everyone.. it beautiful.. good going vlad

Vlad the Man  ·  long ago
stunning! (Y) very nice indeed

Waiyu  ·  long ago
It's a very nice wallpaper indeed. But in my opinion... It looks TOO neat.. Like... Very squarish, you know?

nan  ·  long ago
I would prefer Autumn with brown colors

Sahand  ·  long ago
A Wallpaper For All Seasons!

Lisa  ·  long ago
I love the simplistic style of the 4 blocks, but the background doesn't really fit with the style.

shay  ·  long ago
Love this wallpaper. One of my favourties! Though I must say that each season would also look fantastic as a separate wallpaper.

ultracuerpo  ·  long ago

omid  ·  long ago
its so beautiful

Caótica  ·  long ago
La idea es muy original, las épocas del año...

serenabox  ·  long ago
just adorable, mister Vlad!!!

kathy  ·  long ago
plis congratulations exellent wallpaper

Nelson  ·  long ago
Nice Work, really nice work (y)

MaGaLy  ·  long ago
Very nice, but Vlad, I wonder if you have a wallpaper for each season ... it's wonderful, but have it all year as wallpaper? I prefer to change it constantly. Thanks!

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  long ago
Woz - your idea is a bit different. I wanted to have all 4 seasons in one image.

buy cialis  ·  long ago
Bhgggrrrr :) Just great!

Celeynah  ·  long ago
I love this wallpaper. The only issue I have with it is that, for me, autumn is about the vibrant oranges/reds/yellows of the leaves. It would have been MUCH prettier that way. Still, I love your work. Thanks. :)

Stacie  ·  long ago
I love this one(L)

Rebecca  ·  long ago
I love the picture. I love the bright colors. Just beautiful.

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