Sketchbook - Natasha and Fookajaka


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  3 November 2008
I have a 9-year old niece, Natasha, and I made some of gel pen sketches for her. This wallpaper is one of these sketches. I scanned blank piece of paper, then scanned the pen sketch, and merged them in Photoshop. Wood texture from Fookajaka is  a creature we invented when it was too hot in summer. It  is made from Foo kak zharko! which in Russian means OMG it  is so hot weather!.

Fabi  ·  3 November 2008
I just loved it!

Anastasia  ·  3 November 2008
Cute! Sure your niece is happy that she has such a wonderful uncle! :-)

Binh Thai Nguyen  ·  4 November 2008
Vlad, a darker background would be lots nicer

Anna Wallace  ·  4 November 2008
Love all of them, but this is my fav! Probably because I could NOT say that in England last Summer- not once! When will we see some of your drawings for your own little one? I am sure they will have that special quality of Love and Charm that I so admire about your work.

Nemi  ·  5 November 2008
so cute. i can totally imagine the situation in which "foo kak zharka" becomes "fookajaka" :) wish i could be you niece :P

Xavier Robin  ·  8 November 2008
The sketch is very funny, but much too small especially in lower resolutions (1280x800). It would be better if it was cropped (compared to larger resolutions such as 1600x1200) rather than resized...

wonderful  ·  10 May 2012
thanks alot very much

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