Space Travel

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Vlad Gerasimov 19 May 2009
This artwork was initially designed as clock, so the wallpaper itself is only the background for clocks. I recommend using this artwork in wallpaper clock format.
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Martin Stružský 19 May 2009
Oh Vlad, why do you do that? Now I really can't decide which of the the new and awesome wallpapers shall I put on my desktop. :-( :-D But yet I made my mind... sorry space travellers, the nest box on the back of the traveling tree is just too cute. :-)
Vlad Gerasimov 19 May 2009
Martin: hehe :-) thanks!
Paolo 19 May 2009
Great !!
Justin Murray 19 May 2009
i think this wallpaper would be much better suited without the blocks. take them away, and it still keeps the space-like feel to it, but is also seperate from the clock version. just my opinion :)
Steffen Auth 19 May 2009
Nice, nice again :-)
Matthew Dye 19 May 2009
I agree with Justin Murray - the image is amazing, as usual, but for those who won't (or for those who, like me, are running Linux and can't) have the wallpaper clock app, it would be nice to have the option to go without the extra boxes. Just saying - love the work! :)
Karl Yeurl 20 May 2009
That's been a long time I've not seen such a cool one. The previous was nice, imaginative, bu I didn't like the look it had. This one could actually fit to a BumpTop usage. Great.
Bura Lafas 20 May 2009
The boxes are ugly, take them away and keep the background.
Adam Noble 20 May 2009
I love it but I think I have to agree that the background could do with being a wallpaper in it's own right!
Jaideep Nadkarni 22 May 2009
I believe the boxes give an additional sci-fi effect, representing monitors. Altogether they make a great Space Age theme. I like your experiment with such a new refreshing style, Vlad. Love the colour scheme too! Pretty coooool
Sakdeep Marani 22 May 2009
Hello Vlad, the boxes are really bad please remove them and keep the space background.
Alvaro Mendez 25 May 2009
It looks great in my new aluminium MacBook!
Charlie Rutherford 27 May 2009
Looks great on my 17' Macbook Pro! Beat that Alvaro!
Unknown G 2 June 2009
Erm Hw can i download and save it as the low quality 1?
katerina 4 July 2009
I really like it. May I use it for the cover of a book I'm writing? I'll leave the vladstudio logo of course :)
Vlad Gerasimov 4 July 2009
katerina: please use contact form - - to contact me directly. Thanks.
Barbara Kurzawska 29 November 2009
This wallpaper reminds me last scenes of '2001: Space Odysey' (by Stanley Kubrick). You did amazing work! Thank you :)
VladFan 3 May 2010
Wow! This wallpaper's background reminds me slightly of the Leopard/Snow Leopard default backgrounds. Great Job as always! :D
Mohd Firoz Ansari 10 May 2012
Vlad. I came to ur site for the 1st time and must say...............................YOU ROCK MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Julián 18 June 2012
sam atit 13 June 2014
ahhhhh why sooo
sam atit 13 June 2014
ahhhhh why sooo