Tend To Zero (Blue)

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  18 April 2004
reposting old wallpaper that was accidentally erased from database. It was made with UltraFractal and Photoshop. Gold version is available, click NEXT to see it. Thanks!

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zkeramid  ·  long ago
amazingly colored fractal!!!

Suzana  ·  long ago
I like them both, the blue and gold, such works of art, so fresh and bold, You're always good, you're never bad, that's why we love your graphics, Vlad!!! ©2007SMC I find your artwork to be very inspiring, my friend. I always look forward to your vladstudio updates to see the new offerings. be well, S.

Alan  ·  long ago
This is bullshit you say these graphics are for free then you charge to download ones with signatures. What crap.. your a theif

Alejandro  ·  long ago
lo reservo

chelsea  ·  long ago

Allison  ·  long ago
I loveit!

kerveros  ·  long ago

Kruppt  ·  long ago
Nice Papper!

Hadi  ·  long ago
This is very perfect art design im thankful of u for this photo ari di velci (y) (l)

Elusive  ·  long ago
...........:-). Just that...............

clara  ·  long ago
beautiful :]

samanat  ·  long ago
After having a black background for more than a year, this one made me change..

Just Marco  ·  long ago
it's good pic

k_roberts  ·  long ago
i like this one a little better than the other one

Maryam  ·  long ago
Reminds me of the beach!! Vlad, have you tried working with ZBrush?

chris  ·  long ago

JLM- USA  ·  long ago
I like the blue better than the other. Awesome job Vlad

SCWID  ·  long ago
I have to say, I like your work a lot!

phil  ·  long ago
reminds me of looking through a microscope somehow. Very nice!

Sonia  ·  long ago
you are sure talanted... great job!(Y)

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