The Two and The Valentine


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Vlad Gerasimov  ·  10 February 2006
February 14 is coming!

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THE CELL  ·  long ago

park  ·  long ago

cristina  ·  long ago
great as usual! :-) (Y)

arye  ·  long ago

zier  ·  long ago

  ·  long ago

Wonder  ·  long ago
Respect! :-)

johnny aplleseed  ·  long ago
muito emo issu ai :-P

ocha  ·  long ago

koon  ·  long ago

Tauheed  ·  long ago

Osche  ·  long ago
Nice and simple...helps u to show to your girlfriend the love you give to her

saveen  ·  long ago
It looks like as if me and my girlfriend.....(L)

krista  ·  long ago
i'm not to sure about the stick figures....but its cute(L)

e_clairs  ·  long ago
just for two...two words.. so cute!!

Aidan  ·  long ago
This kinda reminds me of my own work, although this is much better...

Moo  ·  long ago
I (l) this wallpaper (of course) but maybe that's just because I love The Two... or maybe because it's just SO CUTE!

mehdi  ·  long ago
شاهکار به تمام معنا

mehrnaz  ·  long ago
very good . . . ;-) (Y)

mehrnaz  ·  long ago
very good . . . ;-) (Y)

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