Typographic Rain


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Vlad Gerasimov 5 November 2008
From time to time, I get inspired by the beauty of typography. This wallpaper is made from only these symbols: O  A b { ( ) ~ ! * , . The font used is Adobe Caslon Pro. And yes, the weather is very sad here now!
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Vincent Kriek 5 November 2008
Very cool wallpaper
Michal Stružský 5 November 2008
One of the best ever. 8-)
caspar 5 November 2008
one of the best ive seen so far try making a city:) it wood b cool
Séka 5 November 2008
Nice idea and superbly performed with finesse and art, I love!
Minh Hieu TRINH 5 November 2008
It's funny : it's what I got at my window since 1 week ...
Derek 5 November 2008
I don't know where you come up with these ideas....
CASPAR 5 November 2008
VLAD!!!! you should totally make something for obama!!
Suzana 5 November 2008
Vlad, this is just adorable!!!
Feng Wang 5 November 2008
This is cute!
Marko 5 November 2008
Great! Could you make this one with a different (warm) color, please please? :)
Hisham Sadek 5 November 2008
Wonderful One .. Lovin' it
Georgia Compton 5 November 2008
Thank you so much for your great imagination and superb talent. Love this one!
Stephanie 6 November 2008
Ew, NOBAMA'S! Nice work :)
Justin Murray 6 November 2008
is the background a texture?
solwyvern 6 November 2008
Super creative!
Anastasia 6 November 2008
Binh Thai Nguyen 7 November 2008
This is geniune Vlad's trademark! Well done
Liz 7 November 2008
I love your art so much. : )
dope 7 November 2008
Cool!!! I love it
Ruby Pipes 7 November 2008
foxrain 9 November 2008
So qute~!!Thanks.
artavazd 10 November 2008
nice as always! Vlad rulezzzz!! :))
t0th' 12 November 2008
wow! this is so good :)
Nafiul 13 February 2009
This is really gr8, its amazing how u get these ideas
perfect clock user 13 October 2009
That is what ART is !!!
green iran 22 October 2009
vlad, it is good but...
pixartica 25 March 2010
very nice added on http://www.pixartica.com
M053 31 March 2010
man this brilliant & creative and that's what art is about . i like it
Stefano 20 April 2011
Uhm, I think character's eyes are a double quote symbol ( '' ). Maybe you can't type double quotes in comments? :)
15 May 2011
Hi Vlad, I think people using 3x4 aspect ratio are diminishing day by day. All laptop folk are using widescreen aspect ratios. I understand and support the idea of charging for your work, but shelling out a minimum $9.99 can be a deterrent for many, if they are only interested in a single artwork of yours. How about switching (or providing as an alternative) to an ios appstore style pricing scheme: $0.99 per all versions of a wallpaper? That'd be a win-win I assume...
Vlad Gerasimov 15 May 2011
Anonymous - please check my website in several days! I am working to implement exactly this idea - micropayments for individual items. Thanks!
Tirsa-Indonesia 12 October 2012
Wonderful! so creative ^_^
Sanskar Tiwari 6 March 2013
So Amazing...I will recreate something like that...