Alice in Wonderland -Down The Rabbit-Hole

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Vlad Gerasimov 25 February 2007
Inspired by wonderful Alice in Wonderland! UPDATE: answering popular question, the font used is Giddyup and it comes with Macs, so  if you want it, buy a Mac :-)
arash long ago
trutonia long ago
Alice In Wonderland series rocks!!!!!!
muko long ago
Almat long ago
mne kazhetsya sovetski mult pro Alisu v strane chudes pobliyal na tebya pri sozdani serii rabot pro Alisu. Mne ochen nravyatsya nvoi raboty, prodolzhai v tom zhe duhe i uspehov tebe v tvoei rabote!!!
smiles long ago
;) :) :D :( ;( :| :> :} :]
XSS long ago
Sableangel long ago
Amazazing >
Pepeph long ago
In First Place: Hello from far Chile!!!!. I have follow your work since September 2006, and some of your beautifull works remind me Neil Gayman's drawing works, specially the Alice in Wonderland Series that you created, an amazing and contemplative work. Hope you have in mind to create more series, i'll love to see a "Tales from Edgard Allan Poe Series", "Oscar Wilde Series" or a "Tales from Hans Christian Andersen Series". Your work always make me cheers me up, and I'm very thankfull for that. A big hug from the other shore of Pacific. Hope you'll answer.
Dronma long ago
(L) ;-)
Dronma long ago
All series about Alice in Wonderland is marvellous! Thank you! L
valley long ago
Pretty pictures and wonderful colour! I like your design very much! I'll go to your website frequently.
penny long ago
I love all your work especially the alice and wonderland peices, there my favorite!!
Faruk long ago
sara JC long ago
sara JC long ago
:-o ;-)
sara jc long ago
anon long ago
I LOVE the wall! (Y) (Y) (Y)
BJ long ago
I love all of your Alice in Wonderland. They are adorable and quite unique. Thanks for the joy you bring me and I am sure many others with your amazing talent. I look daily just to see if you have something new to share BJ (L)
eatspam long ago
karla long ago
hermoso, es uno de mis libros que mas historia tienen en mi vida!!! Y con el toque que les da vlastudio es perfecto!!! gracias
BOB ORTIZ long ago
you have such great imagination,,,,
Luzma long ago
They should print a new edition of the book with your wonderful illustrations. I think they are a work of art. Thank you Vlad! (Y)
kacenka long ago
You should really illustrate some children´s book, I´d love to have one for my baby, there are so many things to think about and talk about! Thanks for Alice!
LucasDT long ago
Hey, I just love the new signature. That font look great next to your logo. Muy bueno, felicitaciones!
tusen long ago
this is really great!
Moo long ago
Love it
irenana long ago
(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y) thanks..they're really wonderful.. now also work becomes a pleasure in front of them.. :-)
Carl long ago
Looks great but the link for the 1280x1024 high quality version is broken.
Carl long ago
Thanks Vlad it's working now and looks great. :)
Câline long ago
All the walls of this series are amazing!! Now I need the same number of monitors! :-S
son long ago
davona 26 January 2008
20000000000000000 boooooooooood
fifi 22 March 2008
u did a great job luis!
Emma 4 July 2009
I only like the part where she is falling along the bookshelf, the other part makes it not so good. but good work otherwise...
Carlos Sanchez 7 December 2010
Love it!!!
MEHREGAN 3 January 2011
Avril 10 October 2011
very nice and original :D
bella 12 October 2012
great one

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