Alice in Wonderland - The Rabbit's House


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  25 February 2007
Inspired by wonderful Alice in Wonderland! UPDATE: answering popular question, the font used is Giddyup and it comes with Macs, so  if you want it, buy a Mac :-)

arash  ·  long ago
alice in wonder land in the little house beautiful TNX

bocah gemblung  ·  long ago
gambare uapik tenan... mbok aku diajari le nggawe piye... ning gratis lho, ora mbayar... aku ra nduwe dhuwit je....

koko  ·  long ago
it's very nice I love it

alan  ·  long ago
ur designs are awesome!

Nurul  ·  long ago
Matilda, that is Alice's Hand.. at the door is Alice's Hairs.. and, at the chimney and window are Alice's legs.. am i correct..? ;-) i didnt realise about those hand, legs and hairs before.. but, when i think back about the story.. then i remember.. by the way, i love this wallpaper very much! saludos! (Y)

dabdab  ·  long ago

blablabla  ·  long ago
:-S (U)

Matilda  ·  long ago
wow vlad, this is amazing,but a question... Why it's a hand there?? well, vlad, I hope you respond this question see u!! (Y) :-D ;-) :-P

YACHU  ·  long ago
Vlad, zrobil bys grafike na moja strone WWW?

boring old lady  ·  long ago
I believe this series is the best yet!

Jen  ·  long ago
actually, you can get giddyup for PC too. you don't need a mac.

sameer  ·  long ago
i believe its the best wallpaper's site of all times

Angela Liu  ·  long ago
I love this site!!!

Uday bhatt  ·  long ago
Great Thought. :-)

Moo  ·  long ago
It is a Mac font called Giddyup. I'm sure you could find similar ones online if you're running Windows, though!

Sahar  ·  long ago
Still on Top of My visited sites.Great! I've read your interview ,It was nice! We in Iran use Tea too :) Is it possible to draw a wallp in size of a stood-up rectangle ( 4 mobile screen) Just one please! (Y)

Robyn  ·  long ago
I would love to have that font. Where did you get it or what is the name?

kacenka  ·  long ago
I think it is better with the text...

andrew  ·  long ago
Vlad - beautiful pictures. But is it possible to have them without the text? I think it takes away from the beauty.

Tatiana  ·  long ago
esta muyyyyyyyyyyyy lindo!!!!!

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