Alice in Wonderland - A Cheshire Cat

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Vlad Gerasimov 5 March 2007
Inspired by wonderful Alice in Wonderland!

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Sari Everna long ago
It's funny, this set of wallpapers comes just when my school is putting on "Alice In Wonderland" as the school play!
Osama long ago
Wow, I love it! I'd love to wallpapers more like this. It's simple but beautiful(L)
Lindsey long ago
This has been my most favorite by you yet, I absolutely love it, I would like to see maybe a series on Sleeping Beuty!!!
Lindsey long ago
This one is by far my favorite of the series. I love the colors and imagination in this picture.
Charles long ago
Very nice (Y)
Heidi long ago
I just read you interview and learned you are Russian. And yes you need to illustrate children's books. I know you are busy on graphics but you are going to be famous famous famous trust me i know...Your art is grand..Print out you pic's we in Callifornia want to purchase them..
Farman long ago
Awsome work very detailed... :-D (Y)
Sahar long ago
I like Cat theeth,It makes me hungry :-P
long ago
cheese long ago
Alice in wonderland !! i love this series very much! hope there will be other upcoming
casa long ago
Lovely! Vlad, you are the best!
Alloux long ago
Wowwwwwwwwwwwww, Beautiful color
Mikey long ago
This is the BEST series I've seen in a long time! I have already registered to this and I have a folder devoted to your artwork and another folder with Alice quotes. They rotate the wallpaper every hour and I'm enjoying every minute of it! I'm looking forward to the Mad Hatter's unbirthday party and the Queen of Hearts! Thank you! Thank you!
derya long ago
the autumn leaves background is perfect.
SheriYvonne long ago
Your Works Are Always Sooo Beautiful, thnks for the gifts of tht, i only use your wallpapers actually, ....wht else is there to say.
Bob long ago
That's a funny looking Cheshire Cat
Sableangel long ago
Amazing I think it looks good. Keep up the good work. ^_^
alexis long ago
i love the cat so much
lily long ago
i have a cat named lily
bahar long ago
martak long ago
martak long ago
ma vero......
Lauren long ago
This is so cute!
mede long ago
You are the best! ;-)
Justin long ago
love the movie.... havent liked one of these wallpapers in this series. big disappointment vlad..
Milla long ago
OMG, SO LOVELY! :D Your work is the best Vlad!
Milla long ago
ps: How much time delayed to make this? :O
Câline long ago
My favorite of the series for now!
Cynthia long ago
Awesome! Loving this new series. All the best! :=)
Fransheska long ago
Awww, so cute!
Moo long ago
kia1981 long ago
Otlichno! Kot udalsya. Spasibo!
vicky long ago
very scary wallpaper :-O
Lucia long ago
lovely!!!!! i think this is the best of the serie (i love cats you know?)
luka long ago
Spasibo za kota! On ocharovatelen!
Omid long ago
Vlad you are the best THANK YOU (Y)
مصطف long ago
مای گاد !!!!!!!ها
Tia long ago
The Alice in Wonderland series is Fantstic! This set is gourgeous, I absolutly love it! It looks wonderful and it's so different fro the normal interpretations of wonderland! It's fantastic!!! :-D
Vlad Gerasimov long ago
Fan: thanks for your opinion. I'm glad many visitors do not share it :-)
fan long ago
I don't like this series at all, wish you finish it as soon as possible and get back the the great work you've been doing before. I feel constrained looking at it as it restricts my imagination into a very narrow scope unlike the previous wallpapers, which could be interepreted in 100s different ways. I really miss that.
Maga long ago
Eres genial, son los mejores wallpapers que he visto, originales, muy creativos, son los únicos que uso. ;-)
Mohammed Korashy long ago
Your new colors are totally Aero, You are the best Vlad.
shay long ago
This is definitely the best series yet. Every wallpaper is beatiful and unique. You could do this for other stories/fairy tales too....but that's just a suggestion. Thanks for all the fabulous wallpapers!
Aleksey long ago
Spasibo za Cheshirskogo kota, Vlad!!! Spasibo za otvet na vopros pro shrift! Spasibo ogromnoe!
Joe long ago
Your artwork is incredible. I love the new series. Thank you so much for this incredible website!!
nicholle 4 January 2008
Love Alice, love the wallpaper. =] Good job.
lama 12 January 2008
عجيبه وغريبه من الكويت
K 17 February 2008
omg~!!! i love this wallpaper!!
Garlic 16 October 2008
You are a gift to the world. Your art is beautiful. All of it. There isn't one piece that isn't gorgeous. Only one word to describe the negative comments here: J-E-A-L-O-U-S. ps: I Emailed you from Flickr (as 'artistchild').
s.nata 28 October 2008
I found you vlad! thank you for wanderful wallpapers!!!!!
anna 13 November 2008
alice sogna e ci trasporta in un'altra dimensione e queste foto amplificano questa sensazione!grazie
kevin 21 March 2010
it's cool and fantastic
shima 21 January 2011
great!!!!!!!! but can you have some about wedding.,please
walker29 15 June 2013
Miri Ussher 23 October 2018
I love this sooooo much!