Alien Housewife

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Vlad Gerasimov 2 October 2007
I think the aliens out there are not so different after all! :-)
0tchX long ago
Cynthia long ago
Very nice, simple and lovely. Great work Vlad!
Thomas long ago
Since I've discovered your page and with my heart your art, I feel more happy! Thanx
Justin Murray long ago
great as always vlad. i keep checking for your halloween wallpapers. im really hoping you do a few of them this year. I have an idea "The Two Go Trick-Or-Treating" :)
Andy I long ago
Your artwork makes me feel good!!
long ago
shinthil long ago
wuuuuuiiiiyyyyaaaa,so cute,luv it,great idea
Charles long ago
Wowwwwwwwwwww~~~~~~~~~ It's make me crazy Thanks
bestest man long ago
아주좋아요^^ 좋은하루되세요! have a nice day
Sebastian long ago
Haha, cute, especially the astronaut on the wall, thubs up.
sky long ago
so cule~~ i love it
son long ago
Morgan Vitt long ago
I love your work, but especially this piece.
A long ago
your Ideas ..simply amazingly!! Incredible !!! this one is absolutely my FAV...
shailesh long ago
fantastic & i really enjoy it
manu long ago
zu long ago
jaja excelent! muy bueno! :D
Manolo long ago
muito bom. Que sentido de humor!!!!
Ampit long ago
I love it. Thanks
estherka long ago
Very cute! Many housewives would sometimes need 4 hands. ;-) Great job, Vlad.
Ruby Pipes long ago
You're entirely fantastic.
steffer long ago
I love it, especially the dog. :-)
Piotr long ago
But why the astronaut on the picture has just two legs and two hands? Or is it just an intergalactical love...? ;)
feng shaun long ago
nice piece!
LucasDT long ago
Great as usual
Moo long ago
So cute!! :)
ribbot long ago
I like how you added 4 arms on the shirt too!
Karla long ago
Que lindo, me encanta el perro...
kacenka long ago
It made me laugh as usual ... fantastic! :-)
Sergio Bonfiglio long ago
Haha. Great senseof humour. Great Vlad.
vicsun long ago
good job. like it.
Mohwmmed Korashy long ago
Here It Comes Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Is The Work That I Love This Is WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW
Lilly long ago
Hmmm..... Nice.
Nita long ago
That's just adooorable Vlad.
Rit@ 1 May 2008
I love it!! but in blue and pink it's much better......... ;) I have try it and I love it!
none 11 June 2008
it's very cute
Ramy 17 June 2008
I love it
Joasia 30 August 2008
Beautiful xD
Louise 31 January 2009
shows women are multi tallented! We can do many things at once. LOVE THIS PICTURE. AS I DO ALL YOUR WORK!
Grace 3 May 2009
really, really cute!!! wonderful job!
shima 22 September 2010
give some wedding painting please!!!!!
Jessi 19 July 2013
WOW,It's wonderful!!

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