All is Full of Ladybugs

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Vlad Gerasimov 7 July 2006
Welcome to the beautiful world of microcosmos ;-) See previous wallpapers from the same series
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dflinch long ago
Gabby long ago
seldomseen long ago
My grandparents raised oranges (in Orange County, CA, of course). We used to put them on the very young trees to stop pests. The tree trunks were solid red. Never too many. Thanks, vlad Y :-)
Benoît long ago
Excellent except for one thing (and its kind of important) we have difficulties seeing our icons after applying the wallpaper...
preethi long ago
they are wonderful just love th egrapic sence, is more than a motivation to design students
Linda Lika long ago
Epit59 long ago
steffer long ago
Ah, a great new wallpaper to replace the "Good Morning Ladybug" I've been using on my laptop... very sweet! :-)
|unknown| long ago
It is very nice, I like ;-)
Mohammad long ago
very very nice. i realy enjoyed. :-D (Y)
lolo long ago
Very nice, but too many ladybugs
sssssss long ago
excellent to frigten someone (y)
MaGaLy long ago
I don't like Ladybugs, but It's a nice wallpaper!
Merkoth long ago
Hahaha! It really cute :-)
puddnik long ago
Gorgeous - I've been using your images almost exclusively for almost three years now, nothing else lasts very long, I always go back ;-)
Luzma long ago
I love lady bugs o "mariquitas" as we call them in my country. Thank you, they are wonderful. (L)
lateefah long ago
I love lady bugs. I collect them. I wonder what they eat
marcus long ago
(Y) TOP AGAIN !!! Can you also make one with spiders for spiderman fan's and one with bat's for batman fan's and what can you make for Formula 1 fan's.If there's one guy on the world who can make it... IT'S YOU VLAD !!! You are brilliant ;-)
rafael long ago
I´no like this wallpapers are ugly. I´like wallpapers of girls beatiful. please respoda this mensage. rafael
Coccinella long ago
ladybugs :))))))))))))))) (L)
aydin long ago
it so naic(u)
aydin long ago
Cat long ago
I love this series, the previous ones are a bit more elegant and understated, but the ladybirds (as we Brits call them) are really fun. I might find them a bit overpowering on a single desktop but on my dual setup it really brightens up the whole of my (real) desktop environment. Definitely one to use to make me smile :-)
jade long ago
This is cute! but I do have to agree with "lolo" and maybe a few less ladybugs? Thank you Vlad...this is very cheerful :-)
Bigred long ago
(Y) More ladyBugs!! haha j/k. it looks great, its fun, happy, and overwhelming!!!! (in a good way) (y)
Kristi long ago
Excellent, Vlad. I have switched between the other "All is Full" wallpapers, but this one is here to stay. (that is until you give us another one... :-) ) You never stop amazing me. (Y) (Y) Oh, and I like all the ladybugs... don't take any away.
Ashwin long ago
This is as always, an excellent wallpaper.
Ashwin long ago
But, I would have to agree with those that want a few less ladybugs.
Kacenka long ago
Hi Vlad, a lovely one! Only one comment, in czech we call these "slunecko sedmitecne" which means "sunbug with seven dots"...and yours have 8 dots....maybe some other species...? ;-)
son long ago
i like this
spic long ago
rafael....wrong place
marysia long ago
Once at the seeside I've watched a ladybug plague! Not that sweet I must say :/ It looks much better on screen :)
Suzanne long ago
Very cute, though far too distracting to use as wallpaper! How about a less ladybug-saturated version? ;-)
serenabox long ago
It´s so gourgeos !!!!
Caline long ago
Love it!!!!! ;-)
Lordette long ago
Love Ladybugs.......too many of them here though. Your work always appeals to me. This is simple, clear, bright and cute........ quite nice. (Y)
sanity long ago
uuç uuç böcecik anne sana terlik pabuç alacak
Lena long ago
I like it . To Kacenka: Dobry postreh (y)
Marielle Aglipay long ago
ro long ago
think it is the best in the series...... subtle..... liked dragonflies too
summer long ago
it's cute
An0nym0us long ago
Pretty! ♥ ur art! Yay ... You!
anonymously anonymous long ago
Tauheed long ago
really nice shades
Kruppt long ago
I like this one, cool image. another keeper. Kruppt
legrandeval long ago
This is lovely!!!!!
ali long ago
si salvan las chinitas ;-)
Ailyn long ago
Thank you so much. My boyfriend calls me "LittleLadybug" (in our language -Czech- it sounds sooo better :-)), so it's the reason for I love and use this wallpaper.
isidora long ago
Let let.... lepo bas lepo
Infininight long ago
How about a version without the red bugs at all? Understated might be cool as well.
Cassandra long ago
Loveeeeee It!
Laila long ago
so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
kevcomposer long ago
It's a nice design, but the red ladybugs are kinda loud, if they were a bit more subdued it would be perfect.
Violeta long ago
Labai didelis grožis ;-)
haha long ago
It's really funny one
Nadja long ago
preslatko ;)
pebble long ago
berilin duvar kağıdından (: çok cici bişii :-)
Marija 18 January 2008
Very very nice :)
TheD2JBug 31 January 2008
That wallpaper is sick!!!! I'd love to do a Winamp classic port of that Can I ? and any chance of me getting the .psds or any source graphics if I do?
Valerie 8 February 2008
I love ladybugs! Thanks!!
ladybugirl25 16 February 2008
I LOVE ladybugs! They're awesome! Been looking for a ladybug background... best one!!!!
ronen 2 April 2008
very nice! although the people telling you there's too many ladybugs are somewhat correct.
Rit@ 27 April 2008
good work DON'T FORGET VOTE THIS IMAGE!!!! keep the good work vlad
Pau! 15 May 2008
very nice! I use it on my laptop = ) I love ladybugs... you are a great artist!! and please more ladybugs wallpapes!
TüGEmRe 13 July 2008
Öyle tatlı ki
ivana 5 September 2008
qubra 9 November 2008
very sweet ;)
Tusnelda 6 December 2008
Your walls come out in such beautiful colour!
maddy 22 December 2008
i love it
VladStudio Lover 13 September 2009
OMG! These one is so GREAT!
Tara 8 December 2009
THX Vlad Ure The BEst
Jolly 17 February 2010
labai grazios boruzytes, man patinka, tik truputy akys raibsta
Cheerleaderdave 21 March 2011
Like so cute!!!! I ♥ it!!!!!!!
Audrey&Matt 21 March 2011
So cute I ♥ ♥ It more then any oter ladybuggis i've ever seen
Janet l 16 22 June 2011
I really love this insect....
Moumita 23 April 2012
<3 it!
Niklas Ljusfjord 9 January 2013
Они очень классные!
Flor de Libertad 24 October 2016
I really love bugs