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Vlad Gerasimov 9 February 2019
Axolotl is  an awesome creature that, one day, can turn into salamander... or  it can decide to stay an axolotl for the rest of their days.
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Heidi 21 February 2019
This is beautiful! I was looking for a new desktop image for my laptop, and this will be perfect. Thank you! (By the way, I subscribed to 'Receive new artworks by email' but I didn't get anything.)
Martin Stružský 21 February 2019
Wow, this one is awesome!
Galin Ginev 21 February 2019
All things created by you are really wonderful. I enjoy them for a long time and I enjoy them a lot. Continue creating real beauty.
La Duchesse 21 February 2019
Amazing one. Thank you
Rebeka 21 February 2019
Sheila 21 February 2019
Your talent makes me happy. Thanks
roberta 21 February 2019
love it!
Gustavo Sanchez 21 February 2019
Me gusta
Stephen Andrews 22 February 2019
My wife has one in her classroom. She will love this.
Richard 23 February 2019
Oh my gosh!!!! Who knew other people loved these weird little creatures. Niiiice!!!!
Henriette Wullems 28 February 2019
I love your latest wallpaper and I love how you can make it so very detailed! ♡♡♡
David 1 March 2019
It's so cute ... i love so much this wallpaper
Ted 1 March 2019
Владимир, включи RSS обратно плез!
SoY 2 March 2019
I'm so happy to see new wallpapers, Vlad ! The book's title speaks a lot to me !!! Thanx !
SoY 3 March 2019
Besides of being awesome, it makes me think of an unforgettable short story by Julio Cortazar : the title is exactly “Axolotl”;)
Martin 8 March 2019
Dear Vlad, vicarious for all your designs, thank you here in that frame. Kind regards, M.
David 24 April 2019
can I stay forever young?
laoyao 26 April 2019
very good !
Carol 8 May 2019
Beautiful as always. Such enchanting little creatures! Thanks Vlad. : )
vagabond 9 August 2019
Carola 4 November 2019
Soooooo cute
Вероника 16 March 2020
Какая лаааапушка!!
Jack 17 May 2020
shaochuang 15 March 2021
岩山弥生 17 March 2021
MrCattu 14 May 2021
The wallpaper is stunning.
Sue 20 February 2022
You are so amazing! Just love how creative you are!!!!