Black Cat White Cat (Color 1)

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Vlad Gerasimov 31 January 2011
My favorite holiday, Valentine's Day, is coming soon! So here is  my first submission this year, dedicated to love. It  is inspired by felt toys made by Polina, a girl living in  my city, Irkutsk. You can check out her works at As always, drawn in Adobe Photoshop. I had to invent my own brushes to recreate felt effect. I'll try to write a tutorial (if only I had enough time for all tutorials I want to write! Oooo). Thanks!
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Martin Stružský 31 January 2011
Brilliant Vlad, I love especially this (blue) version… Good job! :-)
Sandra Pajula 31 January 2011
The colors of the Estonian flag. Very nice :)
Heidi 31 January 2011
Absolutely adorable and exactly my kind of blue. Thank you! :)
Evan Morse 31 January 2011
2011 was off to a sad start with your absence for a while there, but these newest wallpapers have more than made up for it in my mind. :) Wonderful job on all of the color variants with this one!
Lucia 31 January 2011
I really love it !!! i like also blue theme. the two cats have a awesome texture ;)
Mariya K-W 2 February 2011
Vlad! Again I have no words for your creation! Speechless! You are such a special person - to be able to see life this way and re-create it with so much elegance and feeling.
mohammad 2 February 2011
عالي ولد عالي ! this is great.... in Persian language " عالي " means great! pronunciation ( "AAlY")
Jaideep Nadkarni 3 February 2011
Very sweet!!!
julia 11 February 2011
very nice, thank you
Im :-) 15 February 2011
Love it :) no pun intended!
me 10 March 2011
nice!! :D :P
shimm3r 25 August 2011
how to put clock wallpaper on desktop after downloading?i mean how it will work after putting on desktop! help me plzzzz 9 October 2011
شكراً لكم .. هل ممكن تضيفون اللغة العربية للقائمة لديكم. العرب الآن تجاوزوا ٣٠٠ مليون شخص.
hend 6 January 2019
shiftercat 13 April 2022
Hi! There used to be a purple version of this, which I liked very much. But I changed monitor sizes, only to find it gone. Could it be re-uploaded?