Bluebells (Color 4)

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Vlad Gerasimov 10 May 2009
Simple decorative wallpaper. As always, created in Adobe Photoshop. I used Wacom Cintiq most of the drawing time. 4 color variation are available. Thanks!
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Lorena 10 May 2009
I'm First!! Lovely Vlad!
George Mariot 10 May 2009
In my opinion this color is the best match with the fragility of the design. Just Perfect !!
isecore 10 May 2009
Wow, this one is spectacular. Instant favorite!
Justin Murray 11 May 2009
awesome vlad! can i make a request? I think it would be awesome if you released a version of this wallpaper without the bluebells. any chance you could do that?
Vlad Gerasimov 11 May 2009
Justin - good idea! I will do it shortly. Thanks!
Adam Noble 11 May 2009
EenerCanuck 13 May 2009
Stunning. A perfect means of bringing Spring into my office. Thank you!
nupoor 15 May 2009
it;s great vlad ...but a request...can u bring about a pink version of this awesome art piece... pls..pls...pls...pls...pls...pls...pls...pls....................
AMPIT 15 May 2009
matt 19 May 2009
honestly, this is one of the best.... i have been following your works for over a year..... keep it up.... =)
anna 7 July 2009
P N G 12 November 2009
Spectacular !!!!
Wow 29 January 2010
These four variation looks awesome in windows7 becoz u can make ur own theme and have up to 20 or changable wallpapers when these four variations change they loook so beautiful props to vlad a great ARTIST!!
RaresuTz 8 February 2010
Hui Liu 20 March 2010
This one is so great, I like it!
Lisa 25 March 2011
Thank you.
Perisha 9 June 2011
The flowers are very nice. Good job!
Cindy 4 November 2011
I'm a blue fan!
pai2 21 April 2012
toooo good
Bhagyesh Gajjar 15 March 2013
nice this site
fo00of 6 October 2013
Carolina 30 January 2014
Wonderful work. I just discovered your website, you are an awesome artist!!!