Blue Flame

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Vlad Gerasimov 25 November 2007
Simple, abstract but, hopefully, nice and easy!
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Foxtrot long ago
ñóïåð (:
LucasDT long ago
Great one. My wind of wallpaper!
Jaideep long ago
Magnificent! That goes for both the colours. Just terrific...
Kiwi long ago
Thanks Vlad, it is working perfectly with my Windows scheme
vincen long ago
Pablo long ago
When I saw the small preview I didn't realized how nice this wallpaper is. The lines and the flames making Mac-style waves are very sophisticated. On the other hand, the circles humanize the whole piece, making it warmer.
Mohammed Korashy long ago
That's nice one
tattu long ago
khub bhalo..
Beaner long ago
i love it!
marianne Surlemont long ago
this is, no doubt, my favorite at the moment.
Anish long ago
Someone has surety stolen my idea from my dreams.
steffer long ago
would love this in a deep purple! beautiful!!
Huh? long ago
PING long ago
Zmiyah long ago
widhy long ago
keren booo....
oo long ago
oo long ago
very good
Tim long ago
Green would be Awesome!!! Also I took this one and your gold flame and made a half/half background, it looks sweet!!!
jalal long ago
jen long ago
Pat long ago
red+blood long ago
breath taking!
wea long ago
mustafa.nouri long ago
ayval dash dameton garm
Robin.H long ago
Beatifull! Wish I could make that in photoshop. Cheers!
pelf long ago
This looks so sophisticated! I'm sure it looks great as a backdrop :)
Ariyo long ago
Awesome. I Love Blue.
feng shaun long ago
yea, it's nice. Abstract! :)
Laura long ago
This is exactly what I was looking for right now, good job!
Any:) 6 January 2008
Rick Plappert 10 January 2008
Thanks for the free offer some fantastic wallpapers here
hh 14 January 2008
uu 16 February 2008
love love
bipul 28 February 2008
just wish there was a photoshop tutorial. sucha magnificant piece of work
brian 31 March 2008
very nice!
DMS 2 April 2008
none 25 August 2008
mo 13 September 2008
gjd 1 October 2008
Timo Toups 9 January 2012
Hey Vlad, just decided to buy me a late chrismas gift - your lifetime sub! :) Just a Question concerning your old work: Would it be possible to adapt those beautiful Wallpapers for a triple Monitor setup?
sahar 30 January 2012
very very good. Thank you. I love all your pictures
Jacques 29 September 2013
Hi! This is a very nice clock walpaper. But I want to know the name of font used and where can i get it? Thanks
RajSen 7 December 2013
Can u please give us more new Animated Wallpaper WCZ file.
ramki 22 April 2014
wonderful its great
amal 15 May 2014
ddgf 31 August 2014
Zuko 14 October 2014
Awesome tranquil abstract design...!!
Jay Hayes-Light 3 October 2015
Yet again, Vlad at his best!
Matthias 21 February 2017
Merci et bravo !!!
Omar Victoria 2 March 2022
Cool! Perfectas líneas