Cold Air

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Vlad Gerasimov 17 April 2004
I did similar wallpaper some time ago.... inspired by lord of the ring and cold air outside.
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Jovaria long ago
i feel that i am in a plane flying over the top of hills and this is evening. it really feels real.
gunz long ago
superb one - i feel the air being cold around me
Sylvia long ago
Michel long ago
You're a mastergraphicdesigner
Jhoy long ago
nice... dark hills.
Robert long ago
awesome creations I love these.
Jaideep long ago
Pretty enchanting, but too dark for a wallpaper I guess.
Philip aka Jazzman long ago
would look great in large frame hanging in an art gallery :-) long ago
jalemos parejo
karma4u long ago
AAAhhhh... Its really cold out there!!
mushroom long ago
oh my goodness... YUMMY! Definitely leave this darker one up even if you do make a lighter one... ahh you rock!
1998 15 June 2008
its so coooooool i love it:D
kruz48 7 July 2008
Added to my Firefox/ Aero Fox Theme ... perfect dark desktop. Thanks Vlad.
Buda 8 January 2009
I feel the coolness of the air.
subrosa 27 August 2011
Oooh… I like it! I like my wallpaper dark sometimes. Beautiful 
mvv 5 April 2018
Thanks Vlad :)