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Vlad Gerasimov 12 October 2006
This is the very first wallpaper that I created on brand new Apple mac Book Pro! Woo-hoo! Expect a lot of I-love-Mac wallpapers soon :-)
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Eric. long ago
Well if that's your first MacBook Pro creation, that will be my first wallpaper one my brand new (as well!) MacBook Pro. Looking forward to seeing the next ones! (Y) Cheers.
pale fire long ago
that's great!!! ;-)
Fatima long ago
cute girl
kecan long ago
think that you do something you really like. it would not be so lovely if it didn't come from your heart ;-)
Marie-Dominique long ago
I agree with is my favourite colour fact i think i am obssessed with it! You are truely blessed with such an artistic gift! (L)
hh long ago
jjjghjhbgkk oijih
koko (5ly) long ago
hahahahahaha Thanks for this picture, i love it
Moo long ago
I love it!!!!
itonk long ago
Outhead Imagination!!!!
万大江 long ago
你的网站不能被中国的用户访问!我通过国外的代理才能访问。 Your website cannot be found from China.
pete long ago
high quality 1600x1200 doesn't load.
nancy long ago
You got a Mac! Welcome to the club, Vlad! (I knew we'd get you to buy one eventually.) Woooohoooo! :-D (I love her hair with all the connectors. Cute!)
Justin long ago
Vlad. nice work as always. I like how you made the background so mac-like. would you mind telling how you did it?
Jaideep long ago
Well Vlad, you're surely challenging everyone's vocabulary in find he right words describe/admire your excellency in graphic art, and moreso esp. with the frequent and hardly any interval between two wallpaers yet never compromising with quallity and class. Now all I can say is: I am S-P-E-L-L-B-O-U-N-D :-O (L) (Y) :-)
Jaideep long ago
And by the way, i love everything about macs too and also helplessly fall in love with this kind of cobalt/indigo blue as that is my favourite colour, not so much liking for cyan though. Virtually everything in my room is of that colour, lol. Thanks and I'll be waiting for the next cobalt/indigo blue colour themed wallpaper which I guess can be anywhere between now and the day after tomorrow, lol. May God bless U with fulfillment of all your dreams sooner than later.
nan long ago
love it(L)
GreekGuy long ago
I am a huge fan of your work. Since I found your website, all my wallpapers have been yours. I think that this particular wallpaper could be slightly improved if you aligned the shadows of the two objects. Thank you for all your work you are a great artist.
long ago
Nice as usual!
Vlad Gerasimov long ago
GrekGuy - thanks! What do you mean by align?
aydin long ago
hello vlad i miss you.... youare a magical boy... (Y)
ZoNi long ago
Can you make one with little bigger "Earth", and without girl? Thanks :-)
宁宁 long ago
I am a Chinese ^_^
Justin long ago
Vlad, could you please elaborate on how you created the blue background?
buy viagra long ago
Bhgggrrrr :) Just great!
Woz long ago
Josh long ago
I've got my first Mac - also a MacBook Pro - on order, and I can't wait! So I understand your excitement. You can bet this will be the first wallpaper I use on it. :-) Looking forward to more I-Love-Mac wallpapers!!
MaGaLy long ago
VeRy CuTe ...!!!
ahmad 3 January 2008
hello vlad thank you
smsom 10 February 2008
wooooooow!!!!not bad!
screaming mimi 6 March 2008
as usual you wow all your website visitors with wonderfully amazing backgrounds bravo! :-D
tie 11 June 2008
wow i like it because it so fullcolour
kimotheraphy 24 August 2009
BWAHAHAHA! SO FUNNY! In a good way!
nini 20 September 2009
yekhorde shabihe jendehast vali kolan khobe
sarah 6 April 2010
verůů 14 June 2012
tyto stránky jsou fakt ůžasné its super
Victoria 11 November 2012
Me encanta... me gusta mucho...