Vlad Gerasimov  ·  2 August 2007
All done in Photoshop using mostly vector tools, no photos manipulated.

Jakie  ·  long ago

Horacio Cano Camacho  ·  long ago
Es genial y envantador

Horacio Cano Camacho  ·  long ago
Es genial!

HYNA  ·  long ago

HYNA  ·  long ago

forrestRain  ·  long ago
This is so nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caline  ·  long ago
This is very nice!

ernesto barba  ·  long ago
Es de los mejores!!! Felicidades

ozgur  ·  long ago

Coyote  ·  long ago
I just love it!

Taina  ·  long ago
Lindo!! simplesmente maravilhoso! Very nice!

小星星  ·  long ago
喜欢,like it

Confused  ·  long ago
Why is this categorized under "free" if it isn't??

CatherinaBallerina  ·  long ago
A lovely dandelion blowing in the wind, oh, so pretty. It slowly dances to the wind's music, glistening in the sun's lights, and at night, sleeping under the many night lights that glisten against the bright bright moon. As it grows older, it turns bright yellows into soft white, where as it dies, the musical wind slowly drifts the white away in little parachutes. Finally, a parachute finally reaches its destination, and plnats itself into the ground where it too will dance in the wind, glisten the sun, and sleep under the moon. -Catherine Belyeu Ruiz I Love dandelions dude, and this is part of my free verse poem!!!

CatherinaBallerina  ·  long ago

Thims  ·  long ago
it is very dark for a dandelion you know. they're supposed to be happy creatures!

SeD'  ·  long ago
interesting ... nice ;)

Angelia  ·  long ago
thank you for your great work~~~

Cris  ·  long ago
Maravilhoso! Você tem muita sensibilidade!:-))

Nymphea  ·  long ago
Tenderly :)

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