Dream Service Providers


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  28 February 2008
Did you ever imagine where the dreams come from? I think there must be some fairies, like Internet Service Providers, that provide dreams into our pillows...

Milan Vít  ·  28 February 2008
The Dream Service is running on Leopard? Cool! :-D

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  28 February 2008
Milan - yeah, glad you noticed it :-)

Denisa  ·  28 February 2008
You are fantastic :-) :-) very sweet and beautiful Your source of imagination never ends

TSiRKO  ·  28 February 2008
i Like it! i hope this fairies just uploading dreams and not stealing! that would be sad!

LucasDT  ·  28 February 2008
Nice one

lisa craig  ·  28 February 2008
I like the idea but it feels as if the kid is scared. Maybe if he was blissfully sleeping with a little smirk…?

Yuriy Gerasimov  ·  28 February 2008
Lisa, imagine yourself seeing flying laptops at night - I bet you're going to be scared even more :)

Ampit  ·  28 February 2008
More than scared, he seems surprised. Who could imagine fairies using flying laptops? But they are not using the latest technology. No WiFi.

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  28 February 2008
Ampit - well I could make them use Wi-Fi but how you would see it then? :-)

Marcus  ·  28 February 2008
Nice one! But...does everyone who were glasses,...sleep with there glasses? That's my oppinion,I could be wrong. Vlad, Nevertheless I love the idea! Keep up the good work,we love you all... GRTZ from Ostend,Belgium PS: do you like Formula One Racing?

Vlad Gerasimov  ·  28 February 2008
Marcus - I'll tell you a secret, when I am very tired sometimes I forget to take off my glasses before falling asleep! ( do not tell anyone... )

Marcus  ·  28 February 2008
Vlad - Your secret is safe with me...

JLucas  ·  28 February 2008

Marija  ·  28 February 2008
Nice :)

Andrei Statsenko  ·  28 February 2008
Simply Superb! Thx for creativity!

Aries  ·  28 February 2008
Отличные обои. Замечательный сайт. И теперь приятно увидеть русский язык.

Me  ·  28 February 2008
This is very very cool. I would like to think my dreams are delivered this way. :)))) And about the kid -- I think that would be my exact reaction to flying fairies with laptops attaching cables to my bed. As for the glasses, they're not particularly realistic, but they're cute. Love it very much. Thanks for the constant updates to this site. I thrive on it!

lisa  ·  29 February 2008
Touché Yuri!

Brett Simon  ·  29 February 2008
A Mac OS Leopard compatible pillow. I want one of those!

J0ttE  ·  29 February 2008
So for that reason my pillow has a USB port ...

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