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Vlad Gerasimov 16 August 2005
Not for everyone's desktop :-)
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jamjar long ago
winky from SCG long ago
(Y) thanks for ...
Amanda long ago
i love it. warm and cool. just lovely.
justin long ago
wow. its like fireceness of summer meets the coolness of fall. i love it. great job. when summer ends this will grace my desktop. amazing job! :-)
Nancy long ago
Lovely! The evenings here are already getting cooler conflicting with the last of the summer heat; this feels like my garden outside my office window.
Jaideep long ago
Hey, Vlad! You may have described this one as "Not for everyone's desktop" but it's certainly on my desktop already!. What i like about this one is that i generaly relate this kind of colour combo and concept to my favourite idea of hot & cool, something which i've learnt umpteen number of times in yoga as the the two opposites of our being i.e. Ida & Pingala. Ida is the left side representing mostly to calm cool, delicate aspects of nature. Pingala, the right side, representing the dynamic, hot, rigid, aspects of nature. both of which we commonly know as masculine and feminine aspects. Thanks for the beautiful work. (Y)
Vlad Gerasimov long ago
Thank you Jaideep for your comment! My another idea for wallpaper name was Yin Yang :)
justin long ago
hey vlad - maybe we can get a tutorial on this one?
Vlad Gerasimov long ago
Justin - no problem! Tutorial has been added, see http://www.vladstudio.com/photoshoptutorials/?11
justin long ago
Vlad - youre truly an awesome person. thank you so much for everything you offer us, it is truly appreciated.
Kristi long ago
Beautiful, Vlad. Your creativity is inspiring. Love the choice of colors.
nagen long ago
awesome as usual! ;-)
Azucena Pernicas long ago
Thank you Vlad. Colour and nature for senses, Very sensitive!
Ame long ago
This is wonderful........Reminds me of Fall and winter more than Summer and fall though.....maybe just the changing of the seasons ^^;; Anyway, it's great, I love it, and it will be up on my desktop when we hit winter ^^ Ame- Who thinks this reminds her of WMP's picture image things.... >.>
inNO4KA long ago
Ýòî âîñõèòèòåëüíî! Òëüêî ìíå èíòåðåñíî, ÷òî Âàñ âäîõíîâëÿåò? Îòêóäà, åñëè íå ñåêðåò, ÷åðïàåòå èäåè? ß ñêà÷àëà âñå èìåþùèåñÿ ó âàñ îáîè è îòêðûòêè è ó ñåáÿ íà äåñê-òîïå ìåíÿþ èõ êàæäûé äåíü! Ñïàñèáî Âëàä.
US long ago
what's the code for this pic duality...want it for myspace background
Hesham LRH long ago
A bright dance of two souls! (y)
Jaideep long ago
Oooh! i just can't wait to see the Yin Yang one. When would that be ready?
valen90 long ago
so, beautiful ;-)
osru long ago
Hi everyone! I think your site is very interesting and useful. I always bookmarked it.
Mr Bola long ago
very unslipknot like! odd name
Jason long ago
How am I able to set this as my desktop image? I'm not seeing any link to the picture although the sight says that a low quality download is available.... help?
jspfr45 long ago
Hi! Very good site! I always bookmarked it! Thank you!!! ;)
Ashwin long ago
Jason - to download the image, right click on it , and than click save image as. Save it to the directory you wish to save it to.
mancia long ago
jspfr45 long ago
Hi! Very good site! I always bookmarked it! Thank you!!! ;)
Dude long ago
Wow again dude, you are seriously talented.
Elusive long ago
Striking.Truly genuine.
Parul 10 January 2008
Hey hats off to you Your site is the best when it comes to creative pics!
Katie 20 April 2008
It reminds me of two eyes for some reason..... Very pretty though!!
Сергей В. 14 February 2010
Два Солнца.