Spotted eagle ray, Aetobatus narinari


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  12 November 2009
Again, blue and simple :-) Sorry for not posting for long time, I  am overwhelmed with jobs at this moment, but ideas for wallpapers keep coming out from me. I hope you like it! Thanks.

VERA MARTIN  ·  12 November 2009
Inspired, as always.

Melts  ·  12 November 2009
Looks really nice. Calming n_n

Janko Falli  ·  12 November 2009
Perfect :)

Oziel  ·  12 November 2009
Hello, Vlad. Let me first thank you for all the time you spend with us concoct beautiful wallpapers of each other. And also say thank you for offering us one of the most beautiful wallpapers worthy of the name if not the most perfect. Thank you forever Vlad and good continuation. Incidentally, this wallpaper makes me think of French Polynesia where I was fortunate to be born. Is there not a little inspiration to Tahiti? Thank you again for all bro'. Nana.

VlAdStUdIoLoVEr  ·  12 November 2009
Good job. Maybe an idea would be some colourful balloons in clouds or something like that? :)

Marianna  ·  12 November 2009
Beautiful, as always

Arthur Pustynin  ·  13 November 2009

tazmenia  ·  13 November 2009
Aetobatus narinari face = Thomas train face Aetobatus narinari body = Space shuttle body

Minh Hieu TRINH  ·  13 November 2009
Beautiful like always !!

Shelley  ·  13 November 2009

David Watts  ·  13 November 2009
Being employed is a good thing!

nevesomost  ·  13 November 2009
Синий и его оттенки - мои любимые, а простота и лаконичность, подобно краткости, сестры таланта. ;))

cloud9  ·  13 November 2009
I love it!!! A good idea might be to make a picture that has more colour. Maybe some buttons, ice-cream or abstract stars

Vida Hernaus  ·  14 November 2009
's got very calming effect. Love it! :) and good luck with your work :)

George Mariot  ·  14 November 2009
It is a poem !!

Дејан Ј. (Србија)  ·  15 November 2009
Заиста лепо...

Oraz  ·  16 November 2009
Hello Vlad. I like your pictures. They are always perfect. I have all of them but i'm not registered. In my country you cannot register easily. Because we don't have credit cards. In all you self portraits and when you show yourself I think it looks like me, my friends also say this. I wonder how you look like. Like me or not. My favourite pictures are the twos.

Mariya K-W  ·  19 November 2009
No way.. I am a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor, haven't dived for such a long time. This wallpaper is so right for me.. Thanks again, Vlad! :)

Paige  ·  26 November 2009
Thanks for the amazing wallpaper! The colors are beautiful! :)

hasan  ·  1 December 2009

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