Father and Son


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Vlad Gerasimov 22 October 2009
This is very quick artwork I did to congratulate my sister's husband - they have beautiful little child, and I wanted to reflect that. This is very simple I know but hopefully you will like it!
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pfennig59 22 October 2009
It's adorable.
Lucas Pfaff 22 October 2009
Reminds mo on the german "Sandmann"-Series in TV; in little shows there were many topics, one was "Piggedy und Frederik", two Pigs; both brothers, but one big and the other very small. Kinda looks like that - beautiful! Regards, Lucas
Tanja 22 October 2009
cute :)
Martin Stružský 22 October 2009
It's sooo gooorgeous Vlad! I will repeat myself, but with each new artwork I have to say that it's definitely one of your best wallpapers... So the group of your "best" wallpapers is quite expanding. :-D
Arthur Pustynin 22 October 2009
И опять цвета жгут глаза
kelli goosey 22 October 2009
I like it. It is very sweet.
Kelcey 22 October 2009
Simple but beautiful Vlad, congratulations on your new little nephew.
Stephanie Clark 22 October 2009
Very, very nice!!! I love it!!!!!
Oomu 23 October 2009
I love it!
darklady1453 23 October 2009
sweet :)
Hoang Trong Tien 23 October 2009
I think the sky would look great in blue
Minh Hieu TRINH 23 October 2009
Cute !
darklady1453 23 October 2009
if the sky was blue, the image would usual... vlad is fantastic... ;)
Janko Falli 23 October 2009
Just perfect :)
Vida Hernaus 23 October 2009
well, it might be simple but i bet it meant the world to your sister and her husband :-) it's adorable too!
Anne O\\\'Brien 23 October 2009
How sweet!
Sergio 23 October 2009
Spasibo bolshoe! Vlad I think Sasha will emulate you soon :)
Vlad Gerasimov 23 October 2009
Sergio: you are very welcome, and happy birthday once again :-)
Ziani 23 October 2009
Sometimes the simple things are the best and this indeed one of them, thank you soo much.
Vladimir 23 October 2009
мне понравилось, только конечно небо хотелось бы голубое, можно с тучками ;)
Leti 23 October 2009
adorable y tierno, me encanta el bebe elefante :)
Jose Daniel 23 October 2009
Perfect! please, a version in blue... with blue sky and clouds... thanks!
Rochelle 23 October 2009
love it!
Turgay 23 October 2009
I like it!
AMPIT 23 October 2009
I love your simplicity. Thanks again
janka 24 October 2009
o love this picture. we still have something to learn from children...lovely
Antonio 25 October 2009
Your work is beautiful. Apro always with trepidation to find new designs Thanks Il tuo lavoro è splendido. Apro sempre con trepidazione per trovare nuovi disegni Grazie
marissa 26 October 2009
fahmy 26 October 2009
what are u guys talkin' about?? ofcoures it has to be orange..... its the end of the day.... i love the orange nuance..... Vlad u're the man........
Jynrya 26 October 2009
This is very loving and sweet. I love it. ^_^
Thanks 26 October 2009
I think I'll like this wallpaper. Thanks
nevesomost 26 October 2009
Ваши работы прекрасны, Влад, а названия ещё лучше! Ваша новая поклонница.))
Vlad Gerasimov 27 October 2009
nevesomost: спасибо большое :-)
kola 27 October 2009
so cute! :D
Tud 27 October 2009
Minimalist yet full of messages- thanks Vlad - can't wait for the next one - I am addicted to your wallpapers!
Cec Medin 28 October 2009
Awesome!. I like it just the way it is! Bravo!
28 October 2009
29 October 2009
Katie 30 October 2009
Это так мило! Я действительно не знаю русский, я просто использовали Google Translate. ;) Keep up the good work!
Stef 7 November 2009
this. is. my. wallpaper!
VlAdStUdIoLoVEr 9 November 2009
Awsome! Really really sweet! Great job, vlad. :)
Francois 25 November 2009
Ooh! That is so beautiful, all of your arts are! and I love 'Where Smiles Are Born' :-) and I love, love, love 'Where Jelly Beans Are Born'. You are the best artist I've ever known.
Barbara Kurzawska 29 November 2009
You said it's simple but... I love it. Maybe because I'm expecting my first baby and that's this pic is so cute :D
Jersey Dude 3 December 2009
One of my favorites of yours ... I love to look at it.
Jaydee 5 December 2009
Just wish i knew how to dwnload da pics to my fone.....
Bob 22 December 2009
I've always wondered.... where :)'s are born!
bitupon 23 December 2009
very sexy
Krystal 28 December 2009
Kt 29 December 2009
This wallpapper is sooooooo cute!!!!!!!
14 January 2010
Frikken awesome
20 January 2010
very cute
1 February 2010
söpö kuva
9 February 2010
I love it more than I love animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20 February 2010
Nice pic.Like it
25 February 2010
very good ^^
Zani 25 February 2010
soo cute!
shilpa 28 February 2010
so cuteee
444444 11 March 2010
cute elephys...
Annie Nguyen 20 April 2010
Is this a combination between an ant eater and an elephant? :) actually they are very cuteeeeeee!!! I like them a lot (^v^)
梁俊 31 December 2010
Iza 4 March 2011
Przepiękna :)
Srirama 24 April 2011
Beautiful. Just beautiful. I love you, Dad. :) And Mr. Vlad, thank you.
miriam 26 April 2011
veramente bello! il sito di vladstudio è un capolavoro... è molto bello!!!! ;-) :-) :-*
Maria 18 November 2011
This picture is just really wrong!
ffrfhggyjtefyhjhdcgjw 9 April 2012
How sweet! xx
ffrfhggyjtefyhjhdcgjw 9 April 2012
How sweet! xx
leonardo 9 October 2019
excelente ilustracion
leonardo 9 October 2019
excelente ilustracion