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Vlad Gerasimov  ·  1 April 2007
This is the version of previous wallpaper, but without characters, plain library, for those who requested it! Enjoy! Thanks.

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marzi  ·  long ago

HawkPunk7  ·  long ago

ee  ·  long ago
the best ever

Normal  ·  long ago
it's easy & normal , where's the art ?

asuka  ·  long ago
i like books~!!!!

Vishals  ·  long ago
Fantabulous.. (y)

chirag  ·  long ago

Andrey Popov  ·  long ago
Good work!! But google is much much more!!

vj3-k2l  ·  long ago
s0 k0ol!!! ^______^

Mon  ·  long ago
Excellent work!! awesome..simply love your art :)

amy  ·  long ago
beautiful, perfect for the coming cold months... and classes!

Alfa.Alex  ·  long ago
Veramente carino. Very nice

librarian from croatia  ·  long ago
magic! love from Croatia!

carolifen  ·  long ago
yes, i really really enjoy it. thanks Vlad! i love reading so much!!! "i want to go there and reading some books;)" oops,1more thing: where's the sofa???

Matt  ·  long ago
Absolutely incredible!

gudusina  ·  long ago
puikus piesiniai

puteniene  ·  long ago
grazus paveikslai

Cynthia  ·  long ago
WOW! This is a bonus Vlad! Heap Thanks! :-)

penguin  ·  long ago

Dave  ·  long ago

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