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Vlad Gerasimov 17 April 2004
ah, photoshop again! :)

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2100 long ago
reminds me of that one u did a while ago, good morning ladybug or sumthing. looks great!
jeopardee long ago
good break from the monotony of blues
jeopardee long ago
eat spam, u could also see it as green flames. no? ;)
someone long ago
i dont like it...bad one ...sorry...:-(
Nina long ago
stephanie long ago
i love stephanie (L)
Andy long ago
I love it!!!!!!!!:)
Green long ago
boy form China long ago
:-) i like it
Al long ago
I like it (Y)
Matthew Long 24 November 2008
Someone, how can you not like it? It's fantastic! Don't listen Vlad to him/her!
denyingbones 31 May 2010
I use it.
zoka 4 July 2012
Thomas Reavey 30 December 2021
Vlad, where is the blue version of this one? It's one of my favorites! Thanks for your beautiful art.