A Halloween wallpaper

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Vlad Gerasimov 28 October 2005
very quick and simple, but hopefully scary enough!

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judaz long ago
i scar
deep long ago
tks guy
deep long ago
lert cool
deep long ago
deep long ago
koray long ago
iyidir hoştur
karen long ago
just Niceeeee..............
Sahar long ago
Kati long ago
As scarry, as simple! :-) Grat, its great!
Barb long ago
Excellent!!!! :-D
tray henderson long ago
thats gay
Sarah long ago
I think this is perfect (Y) (Y) (Y) (L) (L) (L)
*Shawdyyy; long ago
wow,thats cooll....
himila long ago
spinking long ago
Dutch long ago
awesome vlad! even your logo has gotten some plastic surgery i see :D
scott long ago
cool,scared me
Ally long ago
Haha! I just noticed the watermark has an evil person! lol
anchal long ago
Wiicked!! :)
deep long ago
justin long ago
hahaha....very cool. simple and very appropriate. perfect halloween wallpaper! awesome job as always vlad! :-)
tyukir6m78 long ago
Jade long ago
This is so cool!...just the right amount of scary!:-)
Jaideep long ago
Brrrrrrrrrrr, spooky. :-)
patrycja long ago
excellent as always, Vlad ;] I love your wallpapers.. these wallpapers are amazing! good job! thank you! ;) (and greetings from Poland)
Caline long ago
WOW!! Just perfect!! Love it! :-D
son long ago
very nice ,i like
大江 long ago
Mary long ago
skye long ago
it's pretty cooool i (L) it!!!
Andray Novak long ago
a good one : )
Gaul long ago
As usual Vlad, you make damn good wallpapers which are so simple in design..
pu long ago
ricky long ago
good work done
jennifer long ago
洛神 6 March 2008
I find Chinese here!!
victoria 16 September 2008
COOL. =] It's a little plain though. other than that, it's pretty good.
oooobla 13 October 2008
omg kewl!
Justin 15 October 2008
dydy_zuzy11 28 October 2008
ce tare.;;).....;)):D..>:d
temari 1 November 2008
halstid 10 December 2008
adiegha asdjfu hyglg sjfu sfto sydf!!!!gahre julina?
happy 13 May 2009
I like it, it's really good...
cristi 5 June 2009
y am romainian
19 October 2009
broscutza nebuna 31 October 2009
mai cum se face aici ca nu inteleg nik va rog frumos imi spuneti
tim0-15 9 December 2009
well i like it , it is very nice !!!
Ann 3 January 2010
That's my favourite... :) :) :)
Brooke 7 January 2010
I think it's stupid I need more scary I'm goth and 8!!!!!
sandeep 27 January 2010
This is to bad web site don't used this site.................
21 March 2010
JH 11 April 2010
woojaae 26 July 2010
good !!!
sam 26 September 2010
Cool and scary!
anonim 24 October 2010
hihi 7 March 2011
I love it
josh 11 March 2011
how do i download this wallpaper
Amin 20 April 2011
U R goood...
16 July 2011
no working ...!!!!
auguste 22 August 2011
spooky! :p
guido 14 November 2011
3 January 2012
Wallpapersmyth 22 October 2012
Awesome Design, Vlad Love your Designing's ... Happy Halloween
fateme 8 August 2013
Hahaha!very nice:)
G-LIN 18 February 2021