Halloween Pet


Vlad Gerasimov  ·  24 October
Last night, when the moon was full, I was walking through a dead forest and spotted a weird creature walking his pet. So  I took a quick photo!

Alterio Felines  ·  25 October
Nice Halloween wallpaper! Thank you.

Roberta Hudgins  ·  25 October
love all the spiderwebs! thank you for the new one

Mike B.  ·  25 October
This one, along with «The bat and her pet», are my favourite ones!

Mike B.  ·  25 October
BTW, I've just paid attention that now all wallpapers are in 96 DPI. Thanks! But for some reason a file with the same resolution, the same color depth, but higher DPI has actually lower size. E.g.: * Dear Moon, Merry Christmas.jpg 72 DPI — 13,154,735 bytes * Dear Moon, Merry Christmas.jpg 96 DPI — 9,374,580 bytes Just in sake of curiosity, is it a new JPEG compression algo or how this difference can be reached? Thanks.

hugordzs  ·  25 October
Genial! Muchas gracias!

Omar Victoria  ·  26 October

Nicole Larose  ·  26 October
Juste à temps pour Halloween... et il est super génial... un gros Merci!

Linda  ·  26 October
Love this one. Just changed the wallpaper on my computer. Thanks, Vlad!

Pam  ·  28 October
Love This ♥ Thank you !!

Carla M.  ·  8 November
Love it!! so nice this

Didi  ·  22 November
Nice wallpaper! Thx.

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