Halloween Pet


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Vlad Gerasimov 24 October 2021
Last night, when the moon was full, I was walking through a dead forest and spotted a weird creature walking his pet. So  I took a quick photo!
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Alterio Felines 25 October 2021
Nice Halloween wallpaper! Thank you.
Roberta Hudgins 25 October 2021
love all the spiderwebs! thank you for the new one
Mike B. 25 October 2021
This one, along with «The bat and her pet», are my favourite ones!
Mike B. 25 October 2021
BTW, I've just paid attention that now all wallpapers are in 96 DPI. Thanks! But for some reason a file with the same resolution, the same color depth, but higher DPI has actually lower size. E.g.: * Dear Moon, Merry Christmas.jpg 72 DPI — 13,154,735 bytes * Dear Moon, Merry Christmas.jpg 96 DPI — 9,374,580 bytes Just in sake of curiosity, is it a new JPEG compression algo or how this difference can be reached? Thanks.
hugordzs 25 October 2021
Genial! Muchas gracias!
Omar Victoria 26 October 2021
Nicole Larose 26 October 2021
Juste à temps pour Halloween... et il est super génial... un gros Merci!
Linda 26 October 2021
Love this one. Just changed the wallpaper on my computer. Thanks, Vlad!
Pam 28 October 2021
Love This ♥ Thank you !!
Carla M. 8 November 2021
Love it!! so nice this
Didi 22 November 2021
Nice wallpaper! Thx.
Jay 17 January 2022