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Vlad Gerasimov 29 April 2023
I keep returning to the favorite themes of mine: musical instruments and trees.
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Kelcey 30 April 2023
Your musical trees are a favourite of mine too! I had to google the little square ones, which I think are called kalimbas - so I learned something new as well :)
Jaco Kemp 30 April 2023
Love this! Thanks for another great piece :-)
ellen 30 April 2023
I love this!! Of course I could say that about all your work.
GS 1 May 2023
Trees and musical instruments are classic Vlad, but this integration is just wonderful and beautiful
Roberta Hudgins 1 May 2023
there is a flow of music and nature, wonderful work!
yajo mufianso 3 November 2023
sweeet designs love em
Jam 22 December 2023
that picture touched me instantly...