Headphones (Girl)


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Vlad Gerasimov 10 July 2023
A variation of previous wallpaper.
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Jovana 11 July 2023
Super cute
Stephen Lovatt 30 August 2023
Brilliant! but need more! Not getting many just lately! Come on vlad!
Chance 28 October 2023
Vlad, I just wanted to express how thankful I am of the body of work you've made over the years. I've been collecting your artwork since probably the early 00's. I have some background artwork that I don't believe is here on your site, that I'm certain is from you. I think my all-time favorites are still probably "giraffe", or "leaves", and more recently "magic of music - guitar", but there are so many to choose from. At any rate, I adore your work, and I've used it on nearly every computing device in different forms for work and at home over the years. I also use your artwork as an argument to friends over the changing ways that modern displays have expressed color. Your artwork very clearly follows those trends. It is fun to display your older artwork on newer displays and vice-versa. It is eye opening to people. Anyway, I hope you continue to create, and I hope you the best.
Kelcey 11 July
Such a wonderful wallpaper and your last one for a whole year. I hope you're okay and you're able to gift us with some joyous new designs soon. Take care.