Looking for Higgs Boson


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Vlad Gerasimov 5 July 2012
Dedicated to recent exciting news from CERN. As Commandor Norrington would say: Well, I trust it you will always remember this as the day that Higgs Boson *almost* escaped. :-)
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Antonio Viglino 5 July 2012
Nickolay 5 July 2012
Oana Livia 5 July 2012
This is soooooo funny. One of your funniest wallpapers ever. It went straight to my Desktop :D You should definitely do a Schrödinger's cat-box wallpaper one day. We, the nerds and scientist all over the world, we would love you even more (if that is possible).
Aleksej 5 July 2012
Жуткий базон =)
Chris 5 July 2012
Love it! Any chance of posting a version that's just the background?
namaskar56@gmail.com 5 July 2012
Absolutely the best. Very, very funny! Love it. Immediately went to my desktop, too. Thanks. xo
Jeff T 5 July 2012
Hehe. Wonderful!
Shahram 5 July 2012
Georges, my iPod Need this spahetti!
Stan 5 July 2012
Love it!!! Love you!
stan 5 July 2012
Vlad, this one is really excelent!!!!
Kelcey 6 July 2012
I love your science wallpapers and I was really hoping you'd do a Higgs Boson one. This is awesome Vlad, you never disappoint (and happy belated birthday wishes to Alice too:)
Ziani 6 July 2012
Love it...thanks
Lorén 6 July 2012
amazing, I saw the picture beffore I saw the name of it and I thaught quantum physics
asdfghklç 7 July 2012
itsthemedication 9 July 2012
All hail another significant step in our search for the ultimate answer to all things in the universe - his noodliness, the flying spaghetti monster. Great wallpaper!
Vlad Gerasimov 9 July 2012
itsthemedication: oh, noodliness! I love this word!
Caro 9 July 2012
AMPIT 10 July 2012
Excelent !! and so appropriate. Love it. Thanks aging and again.
Greg 10 July 2012
Looks like the Flying Spaghetti Monster which some people think is the one, true god and the Boson Higgs particle used to be named the 'god' particle. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flying_Spaghetti_Monster
1lker 13 August 2012
good luck ...from Istanbul.
Ap 21 September 2012
Run doctor run
عبد 14 January 2013
اش هاذا
M 7 January 2014
Good !!!
Iin Cuhin 6 March 2014
hihi lucuu ^^